Why do some ceiling fans require oil while others do not?

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Are there any old ceiling fans installed in your home? If this is the case, you may hear constant creaking and shrieking sounds for a while now. If we are right about the condition, you should lubricate the ceiling fans for proper functioning.

But, if you have installed ceiling fans some time back, there is no need to lubricate them. You will not hear the humming sounds for a long time. But, why is there a difference between old and new ceiling fans when it comes to lubrication? You may keep wondering, but we are here to demystify this concept for you.

Ceiling Fan that requires Lubrication

To operate efficiently, you should lubricate certain ceiling fans from time to time. This is important because if you don’t lubricate them, the components will wear and tear. When we say components, we are basically concerned about the motor. Hence, to avoid any damage, you should always lubricate ceiling fans periodically.

The motor rotates the blades with the assistance of ball bearings. These bearings are placed inside the housing. The bearings are lubricated so that the friction can be reduced to the minimum. Also, lubrication prevents any noise. And when you notice sounds like shrieks and hums, you should be aware that it needs lubrication.

Due to constant use, the lubricating oil reduces. At this time, you need to purchase lubricating oil, preferably 3-in-1 lubricating oil that is non-inflammable. The non-detergent motor oil is categorized by 10, 15, and 20 weight oil.

Fill this oil in the can with a nozzle. Now, you have to locate the hole on the upper portion of the ceiling fan. You will notice the hole on the housing of the fan on the top of the motor. In the majority of the cases, it will be labeled. Insert the nozzle into the hole and press the can. 1-2 oz of lubricating oil will be enough for lubrication.

Now, switch on the fan and let it rotate at the normal speed. After few minutes, the shrieking sound will vanish. This is the indication that the ball bearings have been lubricated properly.

Self-lubricating Ceiling Fans

Nowadays, ceiling fans do not require periodic lubrication. This is because the latest ceiling fans are categorized in the self-lubricating category. The ball bearings are placed in an oil bath that keeps the bearings lubricated at all times.

The oil bath is a closed enclosure that is hard to open for the common folks. Since the oil bath contains enough oil, you don’t need to lubricate ceiling fans for a long period. But these self-lubricating fans require maintenance. When you witness shrieking sounds emitting from the ceiling fan, it is time to refill the oil bath.

For this, you should call an expert. The expert will open the fan housing. Then, the motor will be taken out. Unscrewing the motor from one side is required to access the oil bath containing ball bearings. Now, you can lubricate ball bearings properly. After lubricating, close the oil bath. Follow the reverse procedure to close the housing. Switch on the fan and let it operate at a normal speed until the bearings have been lubricated properly.

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