Which outweighs the other advantages

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They can compete with Steam by providing a better product, but instant mut coins rather they basically deny content to Steam users and induce them to use their clearly inferior platform. These games will likely see less users for this and gets the possibility to hurt the franchises if these games ended up being great and successful on their own because now substantially less folks will play with them but the publishers simply see everything as an investment.

Epic guarantees a return on investment which outweighs the other advantages. They’re just throwing money to solve a issue, circumventing the whole idea of competition. Same thing for EA. They couldn’t compete, their match still stinks, a lot of the the animations, the locomotion/physics, the engine. They bought their way out of having to create a product that was much better and the NFL let them get away with it because they were paid heavily.

Blame EA as it is the NFL that really gave them the exclusivity agency? The NFL put money over allowing people to buy a contract, or allowing people do what they want with their merchandise. They ultimately are those that said yes to the big pile of money.They’re at fault too, but I doubt they knew anything about Madden games on a play level or really cared about that tbh. They earn money either way provided that Madden would continue to be popular.

As somebody who has played with FUT for decades and just got into MUT last year, I really don’t understand how people may say this.In my first ever MUT I was easily able to build a 90+ roster without spending a cent and was regularly given free top tier cards. FUT on the flip side, you had to constantly be on market watch to try make coins. Either this, or try your luck and get smashed by 95+ teams over and over until you can afford good Madden players. At the very least MUT let us you grind solos so you can be aggressive online to buy madden coins, to earn cards that are really good. FUT is take your 80 team online and get smashed repeatedly till you can afford greater Madden players who cost money.

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