What’s Wrong with Anti-Aging?

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A phrase created in the 1980s by the beauty industry to target an older female demographic, anti-aging is on skincare labels, makeup packaging, and brand promises everywhere today. It’s become a multi-billion-dollar industry in the past few decades that penetrated the beauty industry overnight. We’ve all heard it before. Wrinkles and age spots are bad and youthful glow is good. Anti aging serum that promises to return skin to its “original state” reinforces the idea that age is something to fight against. But the phrase itself, anti-aging, literally promises the impossible. You can’t stop time.

The Millennial generation is surprisingly breaking up with the term anti-aging. Last year, Allure Magazine announced that it would no longer use the term “anti-aging.” Embracing the privilege of growing old, beauty product creators and skincare brand designers are done with empty promises of reversing naturally aged skin. Instead of anti aging skin care, companies like True Botanicals are producing naturally formulated skincare that repairs the damage that comes with age and sun exposure.

Consumers are not just looking at the front label when buying skincare and beauty products anymore. In a recent study, over 43% of women say that they look at the ingredients list and are more likely to purchase a product if it has natural ingredients. Millennials are most likely to spend more on all-natural products, feeling more comfortable and confident using organic and natural ingredients than chemically formulated products they don’t trust. Instead of a traditional anti aging cream, women are looking for renewing and repairing care that works at a cellular level instead of surface level quick fixes.

Even if we don’t want to use the phrase anti-aging anymore, that does not mean we have to stop caring for skin that shows signs of aging and damage. It means embracing health and nourishing the beautiful skin we have with natural products that reflect the high-quality care we deserve. True Botanicals has developed organically formulated products that understand the natural process of aging skin. Transforming skin from the inside out through powerful moisturizers, oils that smooth, and serums that restore health, True Botanicals Renew Collection tackles signs of aging with the understanding that aging is a privilege.

About True Botanicals

True Botanicals creates high-performance skincare formulas by combining nontoxic and natural ingredients to target specific skin issues. Their collections include Prevention, Aging, Acne, Rosacea, and Pregnancy products that deliver uncompromising nourishment and radiant skin.

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