What’s the Difference Between Wholesalers, Manufacturers, and Retailers?

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The distribution of products often varies from market to market. From gifts to groceries, item markets depend on a diverse set of sources to get to the consumer. There are three different sources for most products: manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. The supply chain differs depending on the industry or merchandise, but the most common route is from manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers.

But what’s the difference between the three? Manufacturers make the products. They are the origin of product design, quality, and quantity. Depending on the market, the manufacturers often have distributors that work as middlemen with the wholesalers. Distributors often become the manufacturer’s point of contact for selling products to a variety of businesses, wholesale or sometimes straight to retail.

Wholesalers buy large quantities of products from the manufacturer or distributor. Whether the companies offer wholesale gifts or clothing, the wholesale industry encompasses a mass number of markets. These items are often sold to retailers, with brick-and-mortar stores, local presences, or e-commerce companies. Wholesalers are a convenient middle ground between the manufacturer and the retailers because they offer great quantities of product and make it easier for retailers to purchase what they need. They also often allow price discounts on larger quantities of product purchases.

The wholesalers then sell the product to the retailers, who sell directly to consumers. For example, instead of buying gifts wholesale, customers can buy the same product individually. However, the price is often increased from the wholesaler to the retailer, so the retailer can make a profit. Depending on the merchandise or the buyer, it can be worthwhile to purchase gifts wholesale if needing to buy products in bulk.

For retailers, consider stocking quality products from wholesalers who provide excellent client services. Choose competitive products that will sell, depending upon seasonality, trends, and targeted customer interests. Check out companies with proven track records for quality products and great service to confidently choose a wholesaler.

The supply chain varies depending on markets and company missions, but the traditional business model from the manufacturer down to consumer has its perks. For excellent wholesale products, DEMDACO offers home decor and gifts to retailers around the world. Their handcrafted and detailed products exceed expectations, with industry renowned customer service. Whether a brick-and-mortar business or e-commerce company, use strategy and quality partners to successfully offer the best products to customers.


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