Vegan Protein Powder: Is It Dangerous?

May 18, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Lots of people have become alarmed at the recent news of heavy metals turning up in organic vegan protein powder. Here is some information about this controversy.

About the Clean Label Project Study

For readers who may not know what all the fuss is about, here is a quick overview of the study that started it all.

The Clean Label Project, a nonprofit based in Denver, CO, purchased both plant-based and animal-based protein powders and had them tested. 53 of the 134 products tested had “substantially elevated” levels of these toxic substances:

• Mercury
• Arsenic
• Lead
• Cadmium

And here is the real rub: The study found that plant-based powders had higher levels of these substances than animal-based powders did.

How Do Heavy Metals Get Into Vegan Powder?

People could reasonably ask how exactly do heavy metals get into vegan protein powders. It may have to do with the plants and vegetables from which the powders are made. Or rather, with the soil in which those plants and vegetables grow.

In February 2018, Food Safety News published a story on the CLP study. It quotes a scientist named Sean Callan, who conducted the test on the protein powders. He believes that the presence of heavy metals “could be due to the locations where the protein powder manufacturer’s plant ingredients are sourced having contaminated soil. This is especially true in the United States where there may be a higher incidence of heavy metals in the soil of some regions.”

Clearing Heavy Metals Out

Now, does all of this mean that we are doomed if we eat vegetables or consume pea protein powder? Not at all. In fact, having a plant-based diet can go a long way towards clearing out metals and other toxic substances from our bodies.

A 2006 study published by Slovak Medical University in Czech Republic found that a group of healthy people on a plant-based diet had higher levels of cadmium in their bloodstream than a group that ate animal products. However, the study’s authors also found that because vegetarians consumed more antioxidants, their diets would most likely offset any negative effects.

Here are some of the antioxidants that can help protect vegetarians and vegans:

• Vitamin A (found in carrots, sweet potato, red peppers)
• Vitamin C (found in citrus fruits, red peppers, broccoli)
• Vitamin E (found in almonds, sunflower seeds, avocado)
• Zinc (found in quinoa, lentils, garbanzo beans)

Of course, it pays to avoid eating harmful ingredients in the first place. 22 Days Nutrition makes some of the cleanest, safest and healthiest vegan protein powders available anywhere. The company’s products taste great and are made from natural, responsibly sourced ingredients.

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