The Underwater Camera That Will Change Fishing Forever

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Over the years, many fishers have thought “wouldn’t it be cool to see the types and sizes of fish that are in these parts?” Not only would this satisfy individuals’ curiosities but also help fishers evaluate whether the area contains enough of the right fish to be worth their time and efforts. Thanks to technological advancements and dramatic developments in the application of high-resolution photography and videography, dreams for a dynamic and recordable underwater camera have become a reality.

GoFish Cam’s exclusive fishing camera is a revolutionary concept that aids fishers in their quest for the big catch and also generates additional interest in adventure and exploration in nature. Prior to its introduction, consumers were forced to buy bulky and expensive underwater cases to safely operate and protect their cameras while underwater. The resulting photos or videos were almost always cloudy, blurry and disappointed.

Benefits of the GoFish Cam include:

  • Efficient Fishing

It is an indisputable fact that fishing requires an incredible amount of patience and persistence. In fact, fishers with varying levels of experience will often spend hours or days without catching a single fish. GoFish Cams simplifies the scouting of active locations and dead-spots. This identification allows fishers to spend time in waters which the GoFish Cam has shown are more likely to result in successful catches.

  • Easier Ice Fishing

Frigid water dramatically changes humans and our body functions but, for the most part, fish are unaffected. Ice fishers are a particularly hardy bunch but even they will forego sitting and waiting in subzero temperatures if there are no fish in an area. Until GoFish Cam was introduced, there was really no way to know with certainty whether fish existed under the ice or they were simply wasting time in the cold.

  • Exciting Viewing

Every fisher wonders what goes on underwater and, specifically, what it looks like when a fish chases the bait and bites the hook. GoFish Cam’s underwater fishing cameras enable fishers to view “the chase” and make fishing adventures more exciting and enjoyable.

  • Recording and Sharing

GoFish Cam allow users to record, share and store underwater footage. With the increasing popularity and reach of diverse social media platforms, now everyone can experience underwater beauty with their own eyes.

A GoFish Cam fits directly and securely in-line and contains a stabilizing fin to keep the camera from shaking, spinning or affecting the line. Its customized, rugged casing protects the camera in the harshest conditions while the metal leader line is designed to handle catches in excess of 1,000 pounds. Rechargeable batteries power the GoFish Cam and a single charge provides up to four hours of operation. Its internal memory stores up to 64 GB and can record HD-quality videos at 30 fps and 60 fps (slow-motion).

The GoFish Cam is controlled by a mobile app which contains a built-in wireless hotspot. This enables the review, editing and sharing of photos and video clips whether in Idaho or Indonesia.

About GoFish Cam:

GoFish Cam is an affordable underwater fishing camera that is becoming a game-changer for fishers around the world.

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