Transition Your Beauty Routine from Summer to Autumn with 5 Skincare Products

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At the end of summer, your skin is ready for cooler temperatures and less sun exposure. Your summer beauty and skincare routine should be filled with lightweight moisturizers, mineral sunscreen, and acne-fighting face oils, depending on your unique needs. Temperatures are lowering, and air conditioners aren’t blasting 24/7 in your office or at home anymore; it’s time to transition from summer heat to crisp autumn chill.

While summer has its own issues, autumn tends to bring allergies and drier conditions. You might be left with some hyperpigmentation from summer, or still trying to heal a lingering sunburn. Here’s a list of five skincare products that will nourish your skin that’s recovering from summer and entering autumn.

Face Oil


If you haven’t jumped on the face oil train yet, it’s definitely time to consider trying out this skincare trend that’s quickly turning into a staple. For lightweight moisture and repairing summer sun damage, an antioxidant rich face oil works wonders on hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and dry patches.

Apply a face oil after cleansing your face and patting it dry. Look for ingredients like chia seed and grape seed oil, both packed with rich vitamins and essential fatty acids. Avocado oil and algae extract provide the hydration your skin craves during this seasonal transition from dry heat to a cool dry environment.

Skin Serum

Follow your face oil with a skin serum packed with free-radical-fighting ingredients. Sun exposure and chemical sunscreens wreak havoc on skin of all ages, causing the release of free radicals, which result in signs of aging and other damage.

Skin serums are formulated with ingredients low in weight, allowing them to penetrate the skin surface and repair and strengthen skin at every level. Organic skin care ingredients like green tea leaf extract and vegetable glycerin provide the antioxidants and nourishment your post-summer skin needs.

Pore Minimizer Mask

While clay-based masks are great for summer, transitioning to a lactic acid-based formula is better for autumn weather. Lactic acid is a skin-loving ingredient because it exfoliates while strengthening the skin barrier to prevent moisture loss. Removing dead skin cells during chilly, dry weather is key to avoiding a dull complexion.

Minimizing pores is important to prevent acne, sebum build-up, and unwanted bacteria growth. Use a pore minimizer mask once or twice a week to resurface your skin and enjoy a luminous glow.

Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

Your skin isn’t the only thing susceptible to dehydration. Using an antioxidant-packed shampoo to clean hair without stripping leaves your scalp hydrated and nourished.

Always avoid ingredients like sulfates and surfactants in shampoos and conditioners, since they strip hair unnecessarily and make it difficult to retain moisture. A hydrating shampoo and conditioner is your best solution to dull and dry hair of any type during the transition from summer to autumn.

Body Mask

Your face isn’t the only area that benefits from exfoliation. Use a body mask once a week to remove dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production to keep skin firm and vibrant. Once you slough away dead skin, lotion and body oil can easily deliver nutrients and deep hydration.

Like your face mask, lactic acid is the best ingredient for dissolving dead skin cells in a nontoxic formula that doesn’t include harsh exfoliants.

Transitioning your skin from summer to autumn should focus on hydration, caring for summer damage, and exfoliating a few times a week. Enhance your routine by using organic skin care ingredients and nontoxic formulas. If you’re unsure of which skincare products your unique skin composition needs the most, check out True Botanicals for a free skin consultation to determine which skincare products are right for you. Every season has its own demands, but staying consistent with your skincare will keep your skin healthy and happy.

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