How Topical Antioxidants Protect and Strengthen Skin

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Surprisingly often left unnamed, oxidation from free radicals is the real cause of discoloration, wrinkles, and other signs of aging in skin. While moisturizing and using SPF sunscreen can help prevent sun damage and aging, oxidation naturally occurs over time (as free radicals get into our skin) and is common throughout nature, not just in humans. Treating oxidation has become the focus of many skincare products in the last few decades, promising potent antioxidant serums and creams to smooth skin and repair signs of aging. But what exactly is natural oxidation at a cellular level and what do surface level antioxidant treatments repair?

Oxidation is the creation of free radicals. In the skin this happens when skin is exposed to ultraviolet light on a regular basis. Free radicals are unstable atoms that possess an unpaired electron. This unpaired electron can attack collagen strands and other skin cell structures, leading to discoloration and wrinkles. While this process is entirely natural and not the sign of illness or unhealthy behavior, it does result in less firm skin and fine lines. Luckily, antioxidants help achieve a healthy balance of a few necessary free radicals. Three antioxidants that are commonly used for skin care are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

Topical antioxidants, often used in high-quality skincare, have been proven to be effective in reducing inflammation, fine lines, and discoloration caused by free radicals. Not only used for signs of aging, but antioxidants are also used for clearing acne, lightening scarring, protecting against UV damage, and firming skin. By using exceptionally potent antioxidant treatment, like True Botanicals’ unrivaled Antioxidant Booster, targeting specific areas with a face serum can repair and protect skin against oxidation. Vitamin C holds the best success for antioxidant skincare products, so look for brands that use all-natural products and have Vitamin C as their main ingredient.

The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive, yet also the most prone to oxidation and the unwanted effects of free radicals. For deep repair, use an eye serum that is gentle yet concentrated with Vitamin C. Antioxidants and seed oils also increase circulation and brighten skin, leaving puffy eyes and dark circles behind. Long term application of antioxidant skincare products can repair, strengthen, and protect skin against future damage from other factors, like sun damage.

True Botanicals’ Antioxidant Booster is the first skincare product to harness the potent power of apple peel powder. Focused on using safe and all-natural ingredients that are proven to achieve results without animal testing, True Botanicals helps people restore radiance to their skin with organic and natural ingredients. Use products that your skin deserves and lose the toxins and unnatural ingredients along the way.

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True Botanicals creates high-performance skincare formulas by combining nontoxic and natural ingredients to target specific skin issues. Their collections include Prevention, Aging, Acne, Rosacea, and Pregnancy products that deliver uncompromising nourishment and radiant skin.

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