Tips for Purchasing a Used Firearm

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The great thing about guns, is they are engineered to withstand generations. Their lasting quality means that buying a used gun can be a solid deal, leaving you extra money to stock up on bulk 223 ammo. Before increasing your firepower by buying used, you’ll want to make sure that the gun is in good condition and was cared for by the previous owner, you want the gun to last you generations as well. Below are some tips to help you inspect a rifle to determine if it is the right weapon for your funds.

Evaluate the price

Too good to be true? It probably is. A gun priced too low is usually a clue that something is wrong with it. Before you fork over the cash, be aware that you may be fixing someone else’s problems. 

Examine the details

Scrutinize the fittings, screws, bushings, etc., and if you see scratches, dings, or stripped screws, it’s a good indication that the previous owner didn’t know what they were doing while taking it apart and may hint at a defect caused by a lack of information and training. You should also thoroughly inspect the stock for cracks or splitting, and to ensure that it is sealed and presents no warping whatsoever. 

Investigate aftermarket additions

Make sure that any aftermarket upgrades or additions were installed correctly and remain tightly connected to the gun and if possible, in good working order.

Inspect any controls

Ensure that all safeties, trigger, slide action, etc. all move freely. Also look for damage to the bolt and ensure that sights adjust easily.

Do your research

If you’re buying from a storefront rather than an individual, do your due diligence and research the company, their reviews, social media, anything that can help you determine their reputation and how they treat their customers.

If the seller permits

If the seller allows you to (and you know how), field strip the gun to examine its working parts more closely. Inspect for rust and pitting and determine whether the gun has been properly maintained.

You should also dry fire the weapon if allowed to assess whether the trigger sticks.

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