Some Tips on Improving Your Aim with a 9mm

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This will not be much of a secret, but a good 9mm handgun and some 9mm ammo can go a long way towards protecting an individual, their property and their loved ones.

A study sponsored by the US Department of Justice found that out of 1,800 incarcerated felons, 33% of them admitted that they were scared of being captured or injured by a gun-owning citizen. Here is an even more encouraging statistic: Almost 80% of that group of felons said that they intentionally avoided houses whose residents might have a gun.

Of course, when someone is actually threatened on the street or at home, they need to be able to use their weapon properly. This means knowing how to hold the gun and shoot it so that the bullet hits the target. Here are a few ways that beginners can start improving their aim with a 9mm handgun (or a few gentle reminders for more experienced shooters).

Develop a Good Shooting Stance

Longtime gun owners might chuckle or wince (or both) when they think back to their early days of learning how to fire a weapon. When someone first handed them a handgun and some 9mm ammo, maybe they did that little lean back when they raised the pistol.

No judgment if you have made this mistake—lots of folks have. However, it needs to be corrected asap unless you want the recoil of a gun to knock you on your butt. Before someone pulls the trigger, they should get into a stance that lets them keep their balance and control of the gun. There are different stances—Isoceles, Weaver, Chapman—but these are the fundamentals:

• Keep feet shoulder-length apart or slightly wider
• Point toes at the target
• Hold the gun with both hands (non-dominant hand should cover any empty space on the handle)
• Make sure that the forearm forms a straight line with the dominant hand and the gun

Get a Grip

The grip that someone has on their gun has a considerable effect on the accuracy of their shots too. Grip it as hard as possible without making your hand and arm shake.

Front Sight First

Keep both eyes open and focus them on the front sight of the gun.

Dry Firing

Some of the best handgun training that you can do will not involve shooting ranges or bulk 9mm ammo at all. Dry firing—that is, firing a gun that is unloaded or has dummy rounds—allows a shooter to practice, study and improve their trigger pull. If they let their front sight dip or jerk the gun back, they can spot the mistake and correct it. Dry firing also helps a shooter build muscle memory.

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