Three Items to Consider Before Choosing a Hand Truck for Your Job

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Hand trucks are designed to fulfill a wide range of load handling needs. The options when it comes to hand trucks are just as varied, from standard two-wheel hand trucks to foldable hand trucks, appliance hand trucks to convertible hand trucks. Choosing a hand truck to suit your needs can fluctuate from job to job; however, there are three essential items to consider before you load that truck up.

Obstacle prevalence

Are you going to have to wield your hand truck around obtruding objects or navigate it in tight spaces during the job? If your job involves tight spaces or a built-in obstacle course, you’re going to need to choose a hand truck that functions well in tight spaces. A motorized hand truck will often navigate much better in close quarters.

Terrain navigation

Hand trucks feature a variance of wheels in order to fulfill multiple load needs. This is important because you should be matching the tire you need the job you’re doing. For example, depending on the ground you have to drive over, you may need a larger wheel that will maneuver over uneven surfaces. If you need to move loads smoothly or you need to navigate through gravel or grass—pneumatic wheels are your best option. Familiarizing yourself with the different wheel options and what they do is an excellent idea and will ultimately make moving loads easier.

Weight of load 

The more massive the load, the more difficult it can be to move. Standard upright hand trucks are great to move objects that weigh 500 pounds or less, while motorized options can hold 1000 pounds or more. If the job you’re completing requires lifting a great deal of weight, you’ll want to analyze the hand truck or lift hand truck that you’re using to ensure it can take the brunt of your load. To remain safe while moving a heavy load always remember to distribute weight evenly, utilizing all the wheels of the truck to bear the burden.

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