These stackable drops/resources are lost

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Just awarding the reclaims a fantastic idea but then that causes issues with articles such RS gold as Divine Energy, Lava Strkyewyrms, ect getting completely lower risk.Drops from resources and dinosaurs ought to be in the kind of a stackable item which may be opened to get that drop/resource out the wilderness, and while nearly all of your items are safe upon death as usual. These stackable drops/resources are lost on passing; fixing the inventory issue for those on the shield and also which makes it still profitable to kill people in the wilderness. However, the odds of ANY upgrade coming to the wilderness following the collapse of BH is slim to none.

You could definitely combine our ideas with something like a lootbag, where each fall you select up is put in the lootbag, and on death you fall your 200% reclaim cost + the material of the bag. That way you’re not risking the equipment you bring into the wild with youpersonally, but in the same time you’re risking your own drops. That would also solve the inventory option because you say.I agree that the chances of any wilderness upgrade are slim, but because it is a broken system. I hope my suggestion fixes that the wilderness as a brand new region to start up to place content in. So long as people are devoting months of progress when they get skulltricked the wilderness will never be as popular as it was once a BIS has been 70k.

As I had suggested something like this 13, I agree with this. The difference in what I suggested, being is that there could be a little chance for items. Invention could be employed to lower the possibility. The rationale being that it might add some risk/reward capacity that is larger to the wild. An expert you did not mention that’cashing out’ slows the wealth drain inherent in the community because of shrinkage of equipment left over the ground.

It’s a fantastic extra point youre making about the wealth drain.Regarding your proposal of cheap RuneScape gold, I really don’t think it would alter the present state much. When there’s a 90% chance I am still not going to hazard my t90 weapon. If I know I am risking my t90 in my system, which will be 1.8m to recover at 200%, I’m probably still going to deliver it in my slayer tasks. Worst case scenario I must spend 30 minutes in gwd2 to create that back. I’m hoping to incentivise people to take some risk by capping the danger. The risk is reduced by your proposal but doesn’t cap it, you might wind up losing your 150m weapon, albeit a small chance.

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