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December 20, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

As millions of devotees can attest, the transition to a vegan lifestyle is a rewarding journey. But while many choose a vegan diet to lose weight or get healthier and are successful in achieving their goals, others may find that they require additional protein supplements to get the body into top form. It is a myth that only animal-based protein powders and bars supply optimal amounts of protein. The best plant-based protein powder available on the market is just as good as—if not better than—traditional animal-based products.

Several types of plant-based protein powder can be found on today’s market, including rice, pea and hemp. Because each has unique advantages, it is important to understand these before making a selection.

• Rice Protein Powder – Rice protein powder is less expensive than other protein powders but it also contains less protein per scoop. Rice protein powder is rich in amino acids and is easily digestible. For this reason, it is particularly attractive to people with easily upset stomachs, heartburn, stomach cancer and gallstones.

• Pea Protein Powder – Pea protein powder is a relatively affordable and soluble source which helps stabilize blood pressure and improve kidney functions. This supplement is soy-free, gluten-free and an excellent source of dietary protein and amino acids. Pea protein powder contains more protein than soy- and rice-based sources and more rapidly stimulates muscle growth. Also, pea protein powder is among the best tasting vegan protein powder on the market and available in many different flavors.

• Hemp Protein Powder – Hemp protein powder is produced by grinding the small, nutrient-rich seeds of a hemp plant, which is a member of the cannabis family. Contrary to some misconceptions, hemp is not a drug and ingestion will not result in a high. However, hemp-based powder is widely believed to taste better than other protein powders and is commonly enriched with additional amino acids, zinc, magnesium and iron.

Though plant-based protein products—from protein powders to non-dairy protein bars—can be found on many websites, only 22 Days Nutrition has the reputation, experience, and passion for excellence which ensure customers receive maximum benefits and total satisfaction. In addition to bringing the market’s finest protein isolate, powders and bars, 22 Days Nutrition is possibly most recognized for delivering its delicious, nutritious and fresh vegan meals directly to doorsteps across the continental U.S. The primary objective of 22 Days Nutrition is to assist people with unleashing the myriad benefits of a vegan diet which, ultimately, leads to a healthier, safer and longer life.

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22 Days Nutrition is a top-rated online vegan delivery source, offering delicious and nutritious plant-based snacks, bars, protein powders and meals.

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