Sustainable Solar Power is the Future of Idaho Energy

August 18, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Business

Between Idaho’s stellar growing economy and copious days of sunshine every year, solar power is becoming the definite future of energy in Idaho. From homes to business, schools to state buildings, innovative solar technology has gradually infiltrated traditional power systems in the past ten years. While ten years ago there were a handful of solar energy companies, now there are dozens in southern Idaho alone. Governor Butch Otter even promoted Idaho’s growing renewable energy industry as a key attraction for those moving here or starting businesses.

Idaho’s history as a conservative-leaning state, due to its rural nature and reliance on agriculture, makes Idaho solar energy an undeniable transition towards greater independence. Being able to generate power without relying solely on a power grid hundreds of miles away is liberating, especially for those small towns and rural communities. Not only does it save money, but sustains independence and self-reliance in a holistic and technologically advanced manner.

The expense to buy, install, and maintain these systems has dramatically decreased in the last few years. While this is fantastic for rural communities around the world, it also makes it more viable for lower income individuals in areas like Idaho. Solar Idaho clients in Twin Falls, Boise, Coeur d’Alene, and more enjoy decreased utility bills every month. And solar panels and energy efficient technology require little to no maintenance over a decades-long lifespan.

Idaho Power, the distributor of regulated electrical power utilities in Idaho, has made it easy for solar energy users to balance their sustainable power usage with traditional services. Not only do they encourage it, but provide information on what to look for in solar power companies. There are also over 50 financial incentive programs available in Idaho for using solar power products and systems in a home or business. From personal tax credits to corporate tax deductions, solar power is saving money on a range of fronts for users everywhere.

If you’re an Idaho resident or business owner considering supplementing your power with solar energy solutions, there are several resources to support your research and decision. EvenGreen Technology, a local Idaho solar company, provides consumer education in true energy efficiency. Since every industry and client has specific needs, they tailor their information and plans to each situation. Impact your Idaho community and your savings by transitioning to solar energy.

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