Solar Energy Provides Reliable Power to Off-the-Grid Idahoans

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The majority of Idaho’s population lives in rural communities throughout the state. It is one of the most sparsely populated areas in the United States, with 37 rural counties clearly outnumbering the seven urban counties growing exponentially by the year. For off-the-grid and rural Idahoans, having a connection to a power grid may not be as convenient. Turning to solar energy solutions is becoming a popular choice amongst these communities and individuals.

In a recent interview with Solar Power World, Bryan Lawley, president of solar solutions and energy management Boise company EvenGreen Technology, discussed the growth in rural clients over the last decade. Interestingly, the prepper market has become a growing clientele in recent years.

“A lot of people in rural areas are asking for that. It’s not so much an issue with the utility here with power quality or grid capacity being a major issue or driving force with that, but it’s more personal viewpoints and standpoints here in a pretty conservative state overall.”

For those who have homes or cabins far from existing power grids, solar power offers a convenient and less expensive option. The decrease in solar power panel cost makes installation and maintenance far more affordable than prices over five years ago. Since 2009, the number of Idahoan solar power companies has grown to over 50 and continues to multiply as demand grows amongst a variety of urban and rural markets.

Beyond enticing tax-deductible interest options, solar power energy solutions like solar attic fans, LED lighting, and solar PV based water heating require low maintenance and have long life spans. Holistic approaches to true energy efficiency wed technology with nature, harnessing solar energy to power cabins, homes, and businesses. Beyond small housing structures, strategically designed solar power can power rural communities with energy management and intuitive technology.

Keeping money local is an important factor for most Idahoans deciding to transition to solar power. Companies like EvenGreen Technology recognize this desire and offer better services than out of state or national brands that are less likely to understand the Idaho community. Lawley embraced the locality of Idaho communities, urban or rural, explaining, “When they find out a company is coming from out of state or a national brand, they’re far less apt to use them, regardless of price if they know that money is going to leave Idaho and be spent elsewhere.”

Choosing a solar Boise company supports local solutions for energy efficiency issues. Ultimately, Idaho rural communities could gain advantages from local solar energy technology and energy management because of the economic benefit and the long-term energy efficient results.

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