Ski and Snowboard Accessories That Will Take This Season to the Next Level

October 29, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Business

If you live in proximity to mountains, you’re probably eager for this winter’s ski and snowboard season. With the diversity of equipment on the market today there are so many ways to escape and enjoy the outdoors.

Whether you’re spending the day cross-country skiing in a national park, exploring the back country, cutting through the terrain park, or just enjoying the view from the lodge, these ski and snowboard accessories can help take your adventure from basic to epic.

Heated Gloves

Yes, these are a thing. Gone are the days of blowing hot air into your gloves to capture those fleeting moments of warmth and dexterity. And never again will you have to rush back to the lodge before your disposable hand warmers run out of heat.

Heated gloves can make all the difference when you’re out on an all-day tour or even when you’re out for just a few hours on a rather brisk day. Most heated gloves come with a rechargeable battery and different settings so you can adjust the heat as the temperature changes throughout the day. With men’s and women’s sizes, there is a perfect fit for every winter enthusiast.

(A Really Nice) Thermos

This one may seem banal, but you won’t be thinking that when you open up a steaming thermos of coffee after a morning in chillingly cold temperatures. Few things will leave you feeling refreshed and reenergized (especially when you still have a long hike back to the car) than piping hot coffee.

Look for a thermos with a secure twist top so liquid won’t spill in your bag, and a durable, double-wall seal so your coffee or tea will stay hot even in those frigid temperatures.

Phone Case

Not just any phone case—you need one that can keep up. A waterproof iPhone case with shockproof and scratch resistant features will keep your phone safe and dry no matter the terrain. From knee-deep powder to the half pipe, keep your phone safe with a solid protective case that can handle whatever your day brings.

Phone Camera Lens

Whether you’re in the “if it’s not on Instagram it didn’t happen” group or you just want to capture the serene beauty of the world you’re exploring, a phone camera lens is a must-have. You can install this compact accessory directly to your phone and take pictures that rival a professional. With three times the magnification power and a working distance of 12 to 22 mm, you can take stunning up-close, panoramic, and long-distance photos with the click of a button.

Look for a phone lens kit that comes with two glass lenses and refined optical designs to create clear, sharp images. Also look for products that are shockproof and durable, so you can capture each epic trip.

Bluetooth and GPS Goggles

Not your father’s goggles, that’s for sure. This accessory is for the techiest of tech people and definitely have a “next generation” vibe. High-tech goggles can connect with GPS or Bluetooth to display your location, acceleration, the temperature, and even play music, all on the lens of your goggles. With 2.0 goggles you can track your speed, jump analytics, vertical height, and even your buddy’s whereabouts, all in a hands-free environment.

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