Simple Tips to Start Transitioning to Solar Energy

August 14, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Business

If you’re considering switching to solar energy in your home or business, you have probably been doing your research. Cost, weather, installation, and other factors can be significant influences on your decision to go solar. Before you decide to make the big switch, here are a few ways you can take baby steps towards sustainable energy.

Indoor Solar Lights

Moving towards indoor solar lights can be an easy first step towards using solar energy in your home. Even if you aren’t comfortable completely transitioning to solar lighting, keeping a few solar powered lanterns on hand is smart for emergencies and when your grid-powered electricity goes out during a storm or other occasion.

Solar powered lanterns are safer than candles, and can provide cleaner and brighter lighting than traditional bulbs because of their LED design. If you’re ready to move towards a bigger system, check out lighting system kits that include tube lights, hanging bulbs, and wall switches. These are often designed for smaller homes and businesses, but can be efficient alternatives to traditional lighting systems.

Sustainability Tip: d.light solar powered lanterns include designs that charge mobile devices with USB ports. If you want to accomplish two sustainable energy activities simultaneously, choose one (or a few) of these versatile options to illuminate your space while charging your phone.

Measure Wattage

Measuring how much wattage your appliances and other items are using in your home on a regular basis can show you what you can save with solar. Doing some personal research can show you that some items might be drawing power even though they aren’t turned on.

Sometimes it’s possible to replace some of the power draining items with alternatives, or unplugging them when you aren’t using them, from lamps to phone chargers, microwaves to desktop screens. But often, the clearest step towards sustainability is solar energy solutions.

Before you make the big switch to complete solar energy in your home or business, try out some sustainable alternatives to household items like lights, phone chargers, and more. Do your research and find out how much your home is using on a monthly basis. As the cost of solar lanterns and energy kits go down, making the jump to sustainable power is becoming a clear alternative to traditional grid systems.

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d.light develops solar lanterns and other solar products for cleaner camping experiences and supplying power to those off-grid who lack access to reliable energy. This for-profit, social impact enterprise’s solutions have helped more than 75 million people in over 60 countries worldwide.

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