Settled is pushing Old School RuneScape

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With so many restrictions placed on his accounts, Settled is pushing Old School RuneScape to its absolute limits, and also the game’s community is rallying around this incredible with RS gold (and honestly absurd) project. You can catch up with Swampletics’ journey so far on YouTube.

Jagex:’Sanding the rough edges is not always excellent. There’s such a thing as good friction.’ Jagex’s programmers see us from Runescape’s Gielinor to talk about their newest adventures. This month, lead game designer Ollie Hind warns of giving gamers too much instant satisfaction and argues the case for great friction.

Friction is defined as the resistance which one surface, or object, encounters when going over another. In games, this is the immunity when they attempt to participate with a specific aspect of a match a player feels. Friction is often regarded as synonymous with frustration, or at least a precursor to it, so as performers we have a tendency to detect friction points and out them. That there’s such a thing as good friction.

This is a challenging point to argue, particularly throughout an iterative development process. We create user test it, fix the frustration points or the UX failures and repeat until it is a shiny merchandise. As Tim Schafer explained:”In many development environments or when you’re talking to a writer, it is not considered okay to be [stuck anymore].” Within this context, he’s referring to fighting a mystery as being’stuck’.

Discussing Psychonauts’ Black Velvet level, ” he said:”We tested that with the publisher and opinions came back ‘people like the level to buy OSRS gold but I do not think the paintings are working’ and we were like:’Oh what happened? Did people never figure out it’ And they were like:’Oh , they figured it out eventually but there was a time where they were confused and they didn’t know exactly what to do, then they figured out it’ and I was like:’is not that kind of exactly what we used to predict gameplay?’ Becoming confused, not knowing what to do and going’Aha! ”’

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