Seen a Snake in your House? Call a Professional Snake Catcher Immediately

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Snakes are feared because of their possible deadly and incomprehensible nature. Some species of snakes are very dangerous due to their venomous nature. Snakes of different species entering into your commercial and residential property are very common instances in most regions of Australia. A snake sneaking into your premises can be a dangerous situation.

When people encounter a snake, they panic and often make mistakes, which could endanger lives. Snakes bite or attack when they feel threatened and most people tend to attack the snake out of fear. This leads to the snake defending themselves and in most cases both snake and human end up hurt. If you have got into a situation where any snake has slithered into your premises then you are safer not to take matters in your own hands and call a professional snake catcher for expert assistance. Snake removal Brisbane service providers are trained and experienced in handling such situations. These professionals can catch the snake safely and remove it from the vicinity. Snake catchers are also snake lovers. Snake catchers do not kill or harm any snakes and will relocate them into some bush away from residential areas.

If you spot a snake in your house, then it is of utmost importance that you act quickly and wisely. Following are some measures which you should take until the snake catcher comes to your rescue:

  • Firstly, just vacate the area where you spotted the snake as quickly as possible.
  • Transfer your kids, family members and pets to a safer place.
  • Keep a close eye on the snake and observe its hideout, if you miss the sight of the snake then it will be very tough to catch it as it could move into any place and hide there.

There are a few licensed snake catchers in Brisbane and 1300 Catch It snake catchers have been catching snakes since 2008. 1300 Catch It provides you friendly and fast snake removal services. They have a reliable and expert team of professionals, who are capable of handling all species of snake without causing harm to the reptile.

About 1300 Catch It:

1300 Catch It is a business venture of famed snake lover and catcher, Julia Baker. 1300 Catch It provides matchless services for Brisbane snakes identification and snake removal to their clients. Know more about them on the website:

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