Robotic Toys Can Help Your Child’s Early Development

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Remember the days when we used to play with simple building blocks and Legos and Tinker Toys? Believe it or not, these were once considered cutting-edge educational tools and laid the groundwork for the incredible developments made by toy manufacturers over the past decade. Few children play with only dolls or cars anymore…they have moved to more technical, electronic toys such as robot kits. Beginning early in their childhood, these advanced toys help prepare a child for the increasingly competitive nature of today’s world.

Legos, Etch-A-Sketches and Tinker Toys are among the most memorable toys from the late-20th century. These were not necessarily age-specific, as they were enjoyed by children of all ages. Each provoked users to design a unique product, which developed creativity and motor skills. Today’s kids, however, are part of an increasingly high-tech generation and are overwhelmingly attracted to the world of technology. Building blocks have been replaced by tablets and digital cameras and robotics as the most popular toys for this generation of kids.

People have been fascinated by robotic toys since they were first introduced. Not only are these toys interesting and exciting for kids but also a great way to introduce them to the fundamentals of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Robotic toys foster creativity and generate interest in the basics of programming—similar to the way building blocks helped kids develop basic design and engineering skills, though on a more in-depth and practical level. Robotic toys and kits can dramatically boost the development of your child’s critical skills and abilities starting at a very young age.

Some specific benefits of robotic toys are:

Demystify technology: STEM is widely viewed as the future of the American economy. Robot kits can demystify technology and offer children an introduction to engineering, encouraging them develop knowledge and skills related to the technological world around them.

Foster creativity: Toys which are reliant on mathematical principles and logical thinking can aid the development of a child’s creativity and design skills.

Develop cognitive skills: Robotic toys stimulate the thought process and problem-solving skills and also assist in developing analytical abilities.

Establish cause-and-effect: The concept of trial-and-error leads to the development of cause-and-effect in the mind of the child, allowing her/him to better understand the process of using corrective actions for favorable results.

Introduce programming: Robotic toys can pique a child’s interest in the basics of coding and programming and instill confidence in their technical capabilities.

Encourage engagement: Through their immersive interface, robotics-inspired toys hold kids’ attention and continually encourage thoughtful activity.

One of the industry’s finest manufacturers of robotic toys is KinderLab Robotics. It offers a wide range of exclusive options including KIBO kits, educational modules and programming blocks to keep your child engaged and focused. These kits foster procedural and technical learning in kids and assist in their learning of basic robotics. KinderLab Robotics also offers different levels of student curriculum, workbooks, assessments and support and training for educators.

About KinderLab Robotics:

KinderLab Robotics is a trusted online store for the purchase of robot kits for kids. It has developed advanced programming modules and KIBO kits to introduce the exciting world programming to kids.

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