Reasons GSE is Essential for Successful Aviation Operations

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Any airline passenger who has looked out the window before takeoff has likely noticed a flat, platform-type device attached to the aircraft’s nose maneuvering the plane back and forth. This component of ground service equipment (GSE) is called an aircraft tug and it is vital to the smooth and timely operations of every aircraft in the world, regardless of size.

Aircraft tugs are used to expertly move aircraft into and out of hangars, as well as to and from gates for deplaning and departures. Tugs come in various sizes and shapes and are operated by either battery-supplied electricity or diesel fuel. Some are constructed with enclosed cabs—primarily for use in countries which experience extreme cold weather—though most are open and exposed to the elements.

Whether an aircraft is massive or tiny, an adequate aircraft ground power unit is also required for efficient aviation operations. A ground power unit ensures that the aircraft is sufficiently powered so all onboard functions—pathway lighting, heat and air conditioning, beverage cooling, lavatory lighting, food refrigeration and preparation, entertainment systems, intercoms and everything else—work seamlessly while a plane is grounded.

When aircraft tugs, ground power units and all other GSE are available, working properly and used correctly, there is a much higher probability of having efficient and safe operations across all airport functions. Airlines and individual aircraft owners are also less likely to incur additional and unforeseen expenses related to delays, damage, downtime, repairs, human injuries, lawsuits and other consequences which can arise after avoidable incidents.

Regardless of size, geographical location, financing type or any other consideration, AERO Specialties can help with all GSE needs. AERO Specialties has over three decades of aviation experience and its current customer list includes companies like Gulfstream, Airbus Military, Boeing, Southwest Airlines, and Embraer. Partnering with AERO Specialties currently gives over 21,000 organizations access to the industry’s best selection of GSE and unparalleled customer service.

About AERO Specialties:

AERO Specialties is a trusted provider of aircraft and airport GSE solutions. From an airplane pushback tractor to top-of-the-line Eagle tugs and tow tractors, AERO Specialties supplies the widest range of GSE on the market.

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