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Either way the execution that they moved for was retarded and this push to enter the buy OSRS gold marketplace is retarded when you really consider the runescape game that RS3 is. If you think you’re gonna be in a position to reliably do anything than afk revo on cellular then you are very misguided, and possibly because of that there’ll be a massive push to produce the entire game afk revo (that I presume they have to some extent) but I believe they realise that they will lose much of the runescape playerbase they have left to it. By releasing EoC because attempting to earn RS did not go well they learnt their lesson.Time investment isn’t an indication of how great the service being provided is. Netflix such as is the same price as OSRS but even though nobody invests the same amount of time to it as they can do OSRS, Netflix is a much better service for the price. Netflix offers consistent and reliable streaming of HD television. You know exactly what you are currently paying for and you get nothing. You will spend more time enjoying OSRS and find it more enjoyable, but for $11 a month, you ought not need to deal with server problems, account safety issues, game integrity issues and a lack of customer service. The purpose is that we’re owed to what we’re currently paying.

For many, it’s not worth spending the time farming gold. After playing for about 24 hours complete In my levels, the fastest moneymaker I could perform nets me a bond. Consideting 24-36 hours total per fourteen days and I play it will not make sense to spend most of not all. I play on mobile and not so often. Obviously for max mains who buy the equipment required to perform the money making methods and can go on raids, it’s probably no big thing. But for the majority of runescape players mobile runescape players, it is simply not feasible. Back when bonds were above 4, although 2.5 mil possibly? Nope.

I tried contacting them since somebody got hold of my account and bought bonds via it.I reported it many times, requested them to remove all bonds in the runescape game and repay the card (it wasn’t my card) since the card particulars were probably being used without approval of the card owner. I showed my account background to them, revealing that I had seen their support page more than 50 times, IIRC, a couple hours after the transactions happened. My account background showed I was not active, anyplace, I had been asleep, at the time of the transactions.

I sent them the IPs my laptop connected to school wifi and home wifi to demonstrate that any of mine happened not from a different IP than the purchase. They essentially just said”Only pay the 80+ bucks we needed to refund the card owner and we’ll unlock your account, we do not think that you didn’t do this”. So yeah, that was the final nail in the coffin for me personally, never again will I spend second that’s currently benefiting jagex or another dime.

Can I just say compared to jagex, many other”MOBILE GAMES”, and im afraid that osrs is a mobile game now, charge far more than 11 dollars a month to get access to all articles. And no other mobile game will NEVER EVER have an choice to convert IN-GAME money into trusted runescape gold websites a paid service.

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