Protect Your Home with a Home Warranty and Some Simple Maintenance

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A home warranty may certainly be a wise investment for a home owner, since it can save them thousands in repairs or appliance replacements. However, homeowners can drive their expenses down even further with some careful maintenance. Here are a few ways to protect a home and avoid service calls.

Check the Roof of the Home

Over the wintertime, the shingles or tiles on a house’s roof can get damaged from water, ice and snow. As the weather gets warmer, the heat of the sun can negatively affect sealants and cause cracks in certain areas.

As if this were not bad enough, mold can start to build up when the rainy season comes. The mold can damage the roof even further and also lead to structural problems. The wind from Spring and Summer storms can cause shingles to come loose too. Holes in the roof can also

Comprehensive home warranty plans can help with repairs to damaged roofs. However, it is still a good idea to do some maintenance on a house’s roof before a service call becomes necessary. Check to see if any shingles are loose or have cracks. If only a few are damaged, a homeowner could replace them on their own fairly easily. If the damage is much more extensive, it might be necessary to call their home warranty provider.

Check the Rain Gutters of the Home

While checking the roof, it is important to check the condition of rain gutters too. If they are loose or leaking, water from rain or melting snow can end up damaging the walls and basements of houses. If the gutters are clogged up, rain water can pool and cause damage to the roof.

Clean Out or Swap Out HVAC Filters

A person’s home warranty plan may cover their HVAC unit, but a little maintenance can them avoid needing to have it fixed in the first place.

When filters get too dirty, HVAC units need to work harder. Not only would this impact a homeowner’s power bill, the strain on the unit can shorten its lifespan.Be sure to clean or change HVAC filters at least a couple of times each year. This can help ensure that HVAC units work efficiently, power bills stay low and homes stay warm or cool.

Clean Refrigerator Coils

Most people probably know to clean out their refrigerators every once in a while, but they might not think to clean their refrigerators’ coils. Located on the back or the bottom of the fridge, the coils allow hot air to exit. If dust gathers on a refrigerator’s coils, they will not work as well, which forces the unit to use more energy. Clean the coils periodically with a brush or a vacuum cleaner hose.

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