Powerball Winning Numbers Lotto Probabilities

Powerball Winning Numbers - Lotto Probabilities

First of all, Powerball lottery is one of the best lotteries offered in United States of America. It was launched in 1992 after replacing its predecessor “Lotto America”. Due to even more cash prizes and bigger jackpots, Powerball lottery has expanded rapidly and now Powerball is a multi state lottery of America, tickets for which are sold in 44 states and Washington DC, Virgin Islands and also Puerto Rico. Check Powerball winning numbers >>here<<.


Powerball Winning Numbers – Rules Of The Game:


According to recently amended Powerball rules, draw is held on every Wednesday and Saturday, where 5 white balls are picked randomly from a container, having 69 balls which are numbered from 1 – 69. However, Powerball Number is a single ball which is picked from another container having 26 red balls, numbered from 1 – 26. Thus a combination of six numbers is made which when matches with your lottery ticket number and makes you win.


Finaly, Powerball ticket costs you $2 only with an extra $1 when you opt for “Power Play”. As a result Power Play option increase the payout amount for non-jackpot prizes by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 10 times. It is one of the best ways to multiply your winning at a cost of just one dollar in excess.


Powerball Winning Numbers –  Combinations And Probabilities:


Because, the newer version of Powerball has changed since October 2015 due to which numbers of white ball have increased from 59 to 69 whereas numbers of Powerball’s has decreased from 35 to 26. So the chance of winning in new format of Powerball is one in COMBIN (69,5) x COMBIN (26,1) = 292,201,338. As all possible chances are mathematically equally important, therefore, probability of a successful outcome is derived by study of successful combinations divided by the total number of all combinations.  Powerball allows nine different ways to win. For each of these, the probability of winning equals the number of winning combinations for that particular configuration divided by the total number of ways the Powerball numbers can be picked.


As total number of combinations for Powerball numbers will be used in all mathematic calculations, therefore, first of all we will calculate it. The number of ways 5 numbers can be randomly selected from a field of 69 is: COMBIN(69,5) = 11,238,513. Accordingly, there are COMBIN(26,1) = 26 different ways to pick the Powerball number.

The total number of ways to pick the 6 numbers is the product of these. Thus, the total number of equally likely Powerball combinations is 11,238,513 x 26 = 292,201,338. This number will be used for calculation of probabilities of winning. After detailed analysis and calculations of ways of winning, we get 1 + 25 + 320 + 8,000 + 20,160 + 504,000 + 416,640 + 3,176,880 + 7,624,512 = 11,750,538. When divided this number by 292,201,338, we get .04021+ which is actual probability of winning something.  It means there is “One chance in 24.87” of winning something.


In this way we can calculate the total number of tickets sold by multiplying the total number of winners by 24.87. Therefore, if the lottery officials declares total numbers of winner in a particular lottery as 3 million, we can say that 3,000,000 x 24.87 ~= 74,601,181 tickets were sold that did not win the Jackpot. Alternately, there were about 74,601,181 – 3,000,000 ~= 71,601,181 tickets that did not win anything.


Powerball Winning Numbers – Latest Lotto App:


Keeping in view probability calculation we have developed latest lotto app based on algorithm.

As a result, this app is unique in the world and acts like real lottery draws. It can generate the time as well as the numbers, being the closest simulation to the real Powerball lottery draw. You can choose how many even and odd numbers the app to generate and play. There has also a random option for Lucky Numbers and Additional Number that generates numbers randomly but in a certain time. In conclusion, visit our website www.mylotto-app.com if you really want to improve your chances of winning.

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