Why Organic Food Products are Better to Achieve Fitness Goals

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Adulteration of food products is a reality in today’s busy world with many negative consequences. One such consequence of the extensive use of preservatives to enhance shelf-lives is the dramatic reduction in the food’s nutrient content. This adversely affects the body and results in health issues such as malnutrition or obesity.

Over the years, certain segments of the food industry have worked to develop methods for reducing the use of preservatives and artificial compounds and, therefore, ensuring a supply of nutrient-rich foods for consumers. Providing these options, however, is nearly impossible because of the short shelf-life that these types of food will have.

Foods with preservatives make an extended shelf-life possible but fail to maintain the nutrient content necessary for the body. The body extracts vitamins and nutrients from the foods we consume, thus providing the necessary fat, proteins and other components that are vital to survival and growth. The excessive processing of food (i.e., freezing and addition of preservatives) prior to consumption is a major reason for the lack of nutrient-rich food in our diets.

The fast-moving consumer goods—or FMCG—movement is a primary reason for the increase in processed foods, as it allows food companies to supply products at-will without taking into account long-term quality. These adulterated food products are harmful to the body’s natural digestive system, do not provide the minimum nutritional value needed by the body for effective and efficient operations and contribute to increased levels of obesity and malnutrition in the general population. Even the recent push toward increased fitness activity has been not curbed the widespread problem of obesity in North America, meaning that significant dietary changes the best option for achieving your fitness goals.

Adhering to a proper diet ensures that you achieve your fitness goals in most efficient manner possible and consuming foods rich in plant protein can be particularly helpful in your commitment. Unprocessed foods rich in plant protein provide complete and necessary nutrition to your body, while improving your body’s natural digestive process for faster fat-burning. Plant protein powders and gluten-free protein powders can also help you achieve your fitness goals. These powders aim to increase your metabolic rate, which ensures the fastest burning of fat and increase in muscle strength.

Organic food is the best source of plant protein. While traditional farming methods involve the use of chemical-based pesticides and artificial fertilizers, organic farming is a method of growing food without the use of such chemicals. Chemical-based additives diminish the overall quality of crops by reducing the balance of nutrient content. Organic food products do not contain preservatives or other artificial compounds, ensuring fresh and healthy food for consumers.

Research suggests that it takes 21 days to break a habit so, from the 22nd day forward, a person is free to live a better, healthier and more productive life. A classic 21-day detoxification program can help you lead an active, sustainable lifestyle and improve fitness to unlock important long-term benefits. A naturally fit and healthy body provides stronger immunity against diseases, essential for a longer and pain-free life.

22 Days Nutrition proudly offers a simple, effective and trusted program to assist you with achieving your fitness goals in the healthiest manner possible. 22 Days Nutrition offers delicious organic food products for your clean and healthy lifestyle. It brings vegan food delivery services to clients with a-la-carte and meal programs that detoxify your body and help you break the bad habit of eating unhealthy processed foods and fast-food. The program’s end result is the adoption of a natural vegan diet for healthier and more productive and energetic living.

About 22 Days Nutrition

22 Days Nutrition is a proud US-based supplier of plant-based solutions and various organic, non-GMO and gluten-free food products. The company offers paleo protein bars, plant protein-rich powders and organic meals and other such food products for healthy nutrition and living.

For more information about 22 Days Nutrition, visit  22daysnutrition.com

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