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Beautiful flowers are traditionally sent to loved ones for many special occasions…Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Easter or Passover, birthdays and Mother’s Day immediately come to mind. However, special occasions are certainly not the only times when it is appropriate to send a charming arrangement. In fact, the receipt of a spontaneous, “just because” delivery is often the most meaningful and memorable.

Many men, in particular, commonly wonder about the proper times to send flowers. This article details the right time to send the right variety of flowers from the right source to guarantee a warm smile on your recipient’s face.

The Right Time

It is widely recognized that there are very few inappropriate times to send gorgeous flowers. Flowers are truly the perfect way to communicate a range of emotions, from “I love you” or “I miss you” to “congratulations” or “please forgive me” to simply “you are on my mind.” Here are a few instances of when flowers are commonly ordered:

Apology: Flowers are a great way to apologize for forgetting any important date or milestone, saying the wrong thing or canceling plans at the last minute.

Third or Fourth Date: Showing up for a first date with a bouquet in-hand is a bit old fashioned and also viewed as potentially awkward, as if attempting to force a romantic connection. By the time a third or fourth date comes around, though, mutual interest has likely been established and the gesture will be seen as kind, sincere and thoughtful.

Anniversary: Anniversaries celebrate significant events, usually a wedding date but also a job’s start-date, establishment of a business, freedom from a disease or other occasions. Sending flowers to commemorate any type of anniversary shows how much you care and how happy and proud you are of the recipient.

Valentine’s Day: The roots of Valentine’s Day can be traced back to the Roman Empire, as can the tradition of giving flowers as symbols of love and affection. Whether you choose to send traditional red roses, delicate Stargazer lilies, graceful white orchids or any other flower, be sure to order an arrangement that uniquely reflects his or her individual style and preferences.

Spontaneously: You do not actually need a special occasion to send flowers. Sending flowers for no reason except to say “I am thinking of you” and “you are special to me” creates an immensely positive and lasting impression. Everyone loves to be surprised by an exquisite bouquet and everyone loves and deserves to have more beauty in their lives!

The Right Kind

Roses are, of course, universal symbols of love and desire. They are distinctive and available in a wide range of colors, each with its own meaning and expression. For example, a white rose symbolizes purity and new beginnings while a pink rose shows gentleness and ageless grace.

Apart from roses, you can select from hundreds of other varieties to perfectly convey your sentiment. Tulips are cheerful, bright and particularly elegant. Peonies are lush and ruffled beauties, whereas irises are delicate and regal. Orchids—one of the oldest plant families on Earth, dating back approximately 84 million years—exemplify elegance and magnificent beauty and are appropriate for any occasion…or none at all. Regardless of the flower and colors chosen, ensure that you take into account the meaning behind your selection and personalize the delivery with a heartfelt message that conveys your desired emotion.

The Right Source

It is very easy to find a florist to deliver flowers…anyone can go online, select a generic bouquet in a tacky vase that is arranged along an assembly line and enter credit card information for delivery for some unknown date in the near future. Ode à la Rose, however, is passionate about flowers and understands the transformational power that their incredible stems possess.

Because of this, Ode à la Rose prides itself on being different. Its spectacular bouquets are customized according to your individual specifications by expert florists who are happy to offer professional guidance and suggestions, before lovingly hand-tying each arrangement. The arrangement is then carefully placed inside Ode à la Rose’s exclusive travel container—specially designed to protect and hydrate during transport and delivery—before being fitted into a signature purple box, covered with tissue paper and sprinkled with elegant rose petals. Ode à la Rose then sends a photo of the bouquet prior to leaving its shop and order statuses are emailed from this point through delivery. Because Ode à la Rose realizes how important the initial impression of a delivery can be, it has transformed this otherwise basic service into an “oh wow” moment.

When you view sending flowers as something more than just another online order and as an opportunity to present the recipient with a uniquely memorable gift experience, Ode à la Rose is absolutely the right source.

About Ode à la Rose

Ode à la Rose offers same-day flower delivery NYC with a guarantee of the freshest and most distinctive hand-picked, hand-tied and hand-delivered flowers available anywhere. It offers a wide variety of beautiful bouquets—customizable and available in different colors and price ranges—that are perfect for any or no special occasion.

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