Madden 12 again make the same game each year

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I’ll never know why they like using that bs lack of resources excuse mut coins madden 20 is obviously bullshit, firstly the match does not change that much annually apart from them getting rid of things, and second: the coin toss The coin toss was gone since Madden 17 I think but they’ve the animation for it play if you do not skip the beginning cinematic, you simply can’t pick heads or tails. In addition they are you able to choose the coin toss in OT, I will never understand why they eliminate it. Sure, it is a minor matter, but the principle is the thing that bothers me along with the simple fact that other features are removed by them. It is honestly sad that I’d prefer them to earn a game like Madden 12 again make the same game each year rather than make this.

If the experience is streamlined by the removal, the existence of a feature, right is not really a convincing argument to me personally. Was it fun because it felt more authentic? I can view most gamers pretty much only want to have control over the way their football team is run, which means rolling upgrades and all XP into one Head Coach pool and setting which scheme you’re running on each side of the ball. Would you use their scheme if coordinators are in the franchise mode? Or can you reevaluate their strategy by yourself? Is your pool of candidates restricted because you wish to engage the services of a power? If you would like to fire a planner are you sacrificing a coach with a lot of XP investment to do? What type of function do you want coordinators to function?

You’re not wrong, although you’re getting despise. I remember the PS2 madden’s that’d coordinators. It was trendy. It had potential. But, imo, you’ve got to be a bit out of touch with reality to believe the majority of players (or anywhere near this ) really knew or cared about the coordinators. To most, it was probably only a hassle needing to be concerned about signing them. A lot of the ones that are real you’d probably never recognize, and then you just end up repopulating with retired players, that is just a small unrealistic when every fresh coordinator/coach is a player.

Like, the cash they’d need to spend for your likeness and everything, the job to model all of them in game with madden coins for sale (unless they just use generic characters such as when developing a coach), the added offseason in sport hassle of handling them, is that really worthwhile for something you will never actually even see in game? The risk/reward just sounds not worth it to me. You can pretend to do it if you switch up playbook and the scheme of your head trainer, which I think is enough for something you are never going to see in game. Obviously this can not be achieved as a owner, which is the 1 flaw, but maybe make a change to address that properly rather than adding a great deal of items.

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