The Lazy Weekend Skincare Routine for Summer 2018

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Whether you’re running out the door to the beach or picking up organic groceries from the farmers market, summer weekends are about outdoor adventures and enjoying everything summer has to offer. A complicated, time-consuming skincare routine is the last thing anyone wants to do during their long-awaited summer weekend free time.

Need an essentialists list of summer skincare products? Here’s what you need to keep your skin happy and healthy all summer long without taking time away from Saturday brunch or poolside lounging.

Hydrating Cleanser

Sweat, sea salt, pool chemicals, dirt, makeup, bacteria, and just about everything else can end up on your face and in your pores from summer activities. If you deal with sensitive skin prone to acne or dryness, you know how finicky skin can be during warmer summer months, too.

Use a hydrating cleanser in the morning and at night to get a fresh base for a no-makeup makeup look on the beach or a classic look for a night out getting drinks with your friends. Look for ingredients like green and white tea, black willow bark extract, and helichrysum that fight unwanted bacteria while moisturizing skin without clogging pores.

Your skin needs all the protection it can get against dryness and heat, so choose a face wash that guarantees you’re fighting acne and maintaining healthy moisture at the same time. Pair with a face serum that neutralizes free-radicals and seals moisture in to really kick dryness to the curb.

Face Oil

The last thing you want is to feel like your skin is suffocating underneath heavy moisturizers or waxy creams during the heat of summer. Instead, go for a face oil that cleans your pores of grime and bacteria while moisturizing deeper than traditional face lotions.

If you want to protect against sun damage and signs of aging, choose a face oil with ingredients like avocado, green tea seed, hemp seed, and grape seed oils. Algae extract is also a potent concentration of minerals and antioxidants, perfect for summer nourishment and protection against dehydration or dryness.

Chemical-Free Sunscreen

Chemical-free sunscreen is the safest option for every skin type, harnessing the power of non-nano zinc oxide to provide SPF 20 coverage against harmful UVA/UVB rays. Most chemical sunscreens break down when exposed to sunlight, generating free radicals that cause signs of aging and other damage. Meaning, the sunscreen you use to prevent signs of damage from the sun might actually be causing damage when it breaks down underneath sunlight. A lose-lose situation for you and your skin.

Chemical-free sunscreen is safe for everyday usage and formulas often include healthy antioxidants that protect against free radicals without toxins. Use this after applying your face oil for safe coverage.

Antioxidant Powder + Serum (nighttime)

After you take off your makeup and wash your face of the grime and other bacteria you picked up during the day, the antioxidant serum you use can seriously change your nighttime skincare game.

Antioxidants are essential for healthy skin, and the more potent the concoction, the better. An antioxidant powder is the most potent form for skincare products. The simpler the formula, the better. Mix an antioxidant powder booster with your favorite face serum, and you have a more potent antioxidant serum than you can find from any skincare collection. You can also mix it with mist or water, depending on your routine preference.

Simple and streamlined, these naturally-based products make up your summer skincare essentials for hydrated and protected skin, even on the laziest weekends.

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