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There is no denying that .223 ammo —also known as the .223 Remington—has plenty of qualities to recommend it. Read below for some info on this popular rifle cartridge—how it came about, how it performs and what people can use it for.

A Brief History of the .223 Remington

The roots of the .223 Remington rifle cartridge go back to the 1950s, when the US Continental Army Command (also known as CONARC) wanted to create a SCHV (small caliber high velocity) firearm. CONARC approached ArmaLite gun designer Eugene Stoner and Winchester to create a rifle that met these parameters:

• Used .22 caliber bullets
• Bullets could exceed supersonic speed at 500 yards
• Weighed 6 lbs. and had 20-round magazine
• Could switch between semi-automatic and full auto
• Bullets could penetrate .135” steel plate or one side of a US steel helmet at 500 yards
• Could match ballistics and accuracy of M2 ball ammunition
• Could match wounding ability of M1 Carbine

Stoner developed a prototype of the AR-15 as part of the project and worked with others to create a bullet that would meet the 500-yard performance requirement. This led to the development of the .222 Special cartridge, which was eventually renamed the .223 Remington.

SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute) tested .233 ammo in 1962 and recommended it for use with the AR-15. Two years later, the US military adapted the .223 Rem for use with the then-new M16. Then in the 1970s, it was modified to create the 5.56 x 45mm NATO round.

.223 Ammo and Hunting

.223 ammo is a good option for target shooters and hunters. It is particularly effective for pests and varmint. Petersen’s Hunting writers Joseph von Benedikt and David Faubion even called the .223 Rem “the most balanced predator cartridge in existence.”

American Hunter contributor John Antanies is a fan as well. He once wrote, “The .223 Remington is to varmint hunters what the .30-.06 is to big game hunters: A cartridge that can do it all, even if it isn’t the best for specific tasks.”

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