Improvements in Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Harness Technology-Focused Solutions

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Ground support equipment is an important factor in keeping aircraft technicians and support crew safe. Runway and airport operation areas deal with high traffic and tight schedules, making safety of the upmost importance to stay on track with few mishaps. Ground support equipment pieces are highly valuable assets to maintenance, aircraft storage, and baggage transportation. Without progressive technology, incidents could be much more common than they currently are today. From aircraft tugs to ground power units, there are a variety of essential ground support equipment safety features that use the power of technology.

Automated docking is a key safety feature of modern aircraft tugs and tractors. Instead of drivers being at risk of damaging equipment or jack-knifing the aircraft, automated docking ground support equipment streamlines the frequent process with less risk. Safely approaching the aircraft without automated docking could take an experienced operator months to perfect.

With the increase in air traffic and therefore aircraft operations, finding experienced aircraft ground support operators has become increasingly difficult. Automated docking lowers the risk of aircraft damage and increases driver safety for overall ground support equipment improvement. Aircraft pushback tractors, like the TLD TPX-200, have central articulation between the front and rear chassis for safe loading and unloading cycle operations.

Navigation lighting is another positive improvement in the aircraft tug and tractor industry for improved safety. Clear and clean lighting using LEDs for exterior and interior lighting means more sustainable energy. Signal lights, flashing beacons, backup alarm lighting, and wide range headlights make ground support safer during extreme weather conditions and at night.

Clear lighting also results in better maintenance conditions for technicians. Bright lighting from ground support equipment ensures that the airport areas and runway are well-lit for convenience and safety. They also reduce repair time and improving aircraft performance, resulting in more time in the air than on the ground.

Modern ground support equipment solutions harness the power of technology to improve the operations and routines of airports around the world. By increasing safety and sustainability and lowering maintenance time and operator risk, these solutions benefit airports, passengers, pilots, and ground support operators.

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