I really don’t know if he’s smart or not

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I don’t watch much college football, but watch the LSU vs Bama match and that I thought Burrow looked like a legit NFL QB prospect of Madden 20 coins. On the flip side, before Tua’s harm, I saw what everyone else saw. He’s a shittier version of Tebow and most of us know how that went. I had learned about Chase Young, but didn’t know so that I watched his highlights from 2018. WOW is. I really feel like I can create some great scouting reports and this was my report from his 2018 highlight reel.

Strengths -He has an all-world first measure -He’s more volatile (better burst off the ball than Mack) -He’s more powerful than Von. -He’s strong hands (can essentially sack a QB with a single hand) -He doesn’t get taken out of a play when engaged with an O-lineman -He can beat you with a speed or bull rush. Areas of Improvement: -Needs to focus on flexibility; he’s bend, but don’t see enough of a tear move or bend round the edge -Needs to show greater combo moves (but that will get better with training ).

I really don’t know if he’s smart or not, which is just something his coaches understand and NFL execs can evaluate during the draft procedure *Also did not find any highlights of him open space vs the run or in coverage so can not really say, but so far as a pass rusher, he is as good as I’ve ever observed at the college level. That’s my dream.

To be honest, if there was another cheap Mut 20 coins match or college soccer game for us to play with, that had all of the newest Madden players and could constantly get updates, that was on next-gen, we’d play it. I buy it every 3 decades or so, so that I got 20, my final one was 16 and I am having a fun time with it. As playing with the cpu isn’t a fun play h2h. I play h2h as untrue as I can and it’s a blast beating up on the Lamar jackson scramblers.I haven’t played much online but is what people do? Play with all the Ravens to run with Jackson? Always picking the Falcons.

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