Gone are the days of getting XP as a reward

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When you begin Fallout 76 you are able to finish challenges by doing the tiniest things: from collecting timber, to picking out a plant, to murdering your first robot, each little action completes a challenge and provides you some fallout 76 weapons and a nice little fanfare. All these Atoms are used for its Fallout 76 microtransactions that purchase various products that were cosmetic. As soon as it is not clear how they translate into real money yet, if you invest time completing challenges you’ll find yourself rolling in Atoms very quickly.

Seriously. Later on you can break them down to use for weapons, or cannibalise them for construction stuff to bulk out your home base, but when there’s one thing I can assure it’s you won’t regret with an inventory filled with Junk.

Gone are the days of getting XP as a reward for completing quests: in Fallout 76 you receive a lot of things to congratulate you on a job well done. You can encounter missions almost anywhere in Fallout 76, from discovering holo trailers, notes or even only places in the world. When you do it is added to your log as an energetic mission. That’s useful in terms of anything, but means you can wind up losing the entire right hand side of this display.

Plus it will clutter your radar with mark which makes it nearly impossible to find anything. So be sure you dip to the Information tab of your Pip-Boy to uncheck anything you are not plotted to buy Fallout 76 Items. This way you can concentrate on one thing at one time and stop yourself drowning in matters to do. Bear this in mind while you’re leaping up your way a cliff face and experience a bunch of Feral Ghouls at the top and after that can not get your V.A.T.S. so you jump back down the horizon and lose a chunk of your wellbeing (definitely not based on a real-life experience of mine. Nope. Definitely not).

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