Feng Shui Principles for a Balanced Home

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Feng Shui is an ancient system of Chinese principles that aims to bring an individual into harmony with his or her surroundings through energy, symmetry, and balance.

Feng Shui, which translates as “wind-water” is based on five natural elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each symbolizes colors, shapes, emotions, and connections found in nature, and each is intended to bring balance into your space through complementary textures, shapes, and designs.

Follow these Feng Shui designs to bring greater balance, symmetry, and energy into your space.


Wood is associated with growth and renewal. If you feel like you’re on the cusp of a new beginning, add wooden elements to your internal space and incorporate shades of soothing greens and cylindrical, trunk-like shapes.


Fire symbolizes passion and an internal light. When you feel a need for more light and laughter in your life, incorporate installations that are colorful and angular, and add as much natural light as possible.


Earth elements keep us grounded and stable. When your life or your space feels cluttered and insecure, get rid of unnecessary objects, clear off tables and counters, and add objects that denote strength and stability such as squares or arches. Add wall art that captures earthy colors such as tans, yellows, and browns that reinforce the stability you’re seeking.


Metal represents focus, clarity, and insight. As a pure, tranquil element, metal brings a smoothness into a space, whether in the shape of a table, container, or chair. A metal object can also be a beautiful gift for someone setting off on an endeavor such as a move or a new job. Pieces of metal artwork or a pair of metal frames can make exceptionally powerful art gifts.


The final element, water, alludes to the element’s duality of moving and stillness. It’s said that moving water captures our ability to communicate and connect, much like a river connects to larger bodies of water. Still, water symbolizes our inner depths.

Spaces that serve a dual purpose like a home office or a kitchen with eat-in areas are particularly suited for this final element, though all rooms can benefit from water’s freeing, exploratory properties. Look for items that incorporate water or represent it in artwork.

These five elements can bring balance and positivity to your space, your life, and your outlook. Follow these other Feng Shui principles to enhance the value and balance of your space:

  • Put furniture on rugs, not against the wall: A Feng Shui room should support connectivity and communication; placing furniture on a rug creates a subtle yet conceptually contained space where people can sit and relax.
  • Support symmetry: Avoid singularity in your life, such as a single piece of art, one pillow, or a solo photo. Feng Shui encourages rooms to be filled with pairs, either as a nod to your significant other or to make room for a future partner.
  • Add happy photos: Feng Shui is all about connecting people and energy. Capture and display happy moments with loved ones in the hallway, kitchen, and bedroom.
  • Keep your head above water: Although water is a central element of Feng Shui, you never want to be underwater. Avoid hanging water-themed art or mirrors above the eye-level, including over your bed. You never want your space to reflect the illusion of existing below water.


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