Some Factors to Consider Before Buying a Ground Power Unit

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Without certain pieces of ground service equipment, airport ground crews simply could not get any work done. A perfect example is the aircraft ground power unit, which supplies electricity to a plane while it is on the ground. Here are some pointers when looking for a GPU.

Diesel-Powered or Electric-Powered?

There is a wide range of aircraft ground power unit options out there. However, they largely boil down to two types: internal combustion-powered (i.e. diesel-powered) GPUs and all-electrical GPUs (also known as rectifiers).

Pick the Right System (AC or DC)

This could almost go without saying, but ground crews need to make sure that their GPUs can actually power the aircraft that they service. Smaller jets, general aviation aircraft and turboprop aircraft typically use a DC system. Obviously, crews would need DC systems to power these types of planes.

By contrast, all airliners and large business jets require a significantly higher amount of electricity in order to function properly. They need power for their interior lights, outlets on the passenger seats, built-in TVs and much more. Because of this, these kinds of aircraft use an AC electrical system (the same kind, incidentally, that powers houses and offices). Consequently, a crew that works on these types of aircraft need an AC aircraft ground power unit.

Do Not Overpay / Underpay / Buy Used

GPUs are not cheap. They cost quite a bit both to purchase and to maintain. However, they are not devices that ground crews want to skimp on: Buying a used device—one that does not come from an absolutely reliable source, anyway—can end up costing a crew more in terms of efficiency and repairs. Also, buying a cheaper unit that cannot provide adequate power to an aircraft is just throwing money away.

At the same time, crews and companies do not want to overspend on a GPU. Why spend money on a unit intended for an airliner when one for general aviation aircraft will do? Leading GSE manufacturers can help clients determine which GPUs will fit their particular needs.

AERO Specialties provides a diverse range of GPUs to commercial, military and general aviation customers around the world. This includes a series of first-rate portable units, which AERO developed in collaboration with Powervamp. The company’s extensive collection of GSE also features aircraft tug options, aircraft pushbacks, fuel pumps, oxygen carts and safety equipment.

About AERO Specialties

AERO Specialties is a leading manufacturer and distributor of ground service equipment. The company’s line of GSE—which includes aircraft pushback, ground service units, tow tractors and much more—and top-quality customer service has earned it a loyal, worldwide customer base.

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