How to Deal with Dry Skin & Hair During Hot Summer Weather

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Everyone looks forward to summer as the annual season of kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying the warm weather. Unfortunately, those hot temperatures we anticipate spending on beach days and Saturday farmers markets also dry out hair and skin without mercy.

Focusing on mindful hydration during summertime is crucial to a happy and healthy body and mind. From dry hair to dehydrated skin, here are five ways to keep your skin healthy and hydrated during hot summer weather.

Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Dealing with dry, frizzy hair during the summer? Leave harsh sulfates and parabens behind and choose synthetic-free and hydrating shampoo and conditioner for soft, strong hair. Sulfates and parabens strip hair of necessary and natural moisture, resulting in frizzy texture and split ends.

Look for ingredients like coconut, green tea extract, aloe leaf extract, and citric acid that clean and moisturize hair simultaneously. Coconut is especially nourishing for curly hair types, which are the first to deal with frizziness and dryness.

Hydrating Body Lotion

If you deal with chronically dry skin during the summer, a greasy lotion that promises deep hydration doesn’t always follow through with the results you need. Applying lotion during your morning self-care ritual and at night before you slip into bed ensures your skin is hydrated 24 hours a day.

Choose a lotion that harnesses the natural power of shea butter, olive oil, and vegetable glycerin. Look for essential oil fragrances instead of artificial scents that tend to irritate sensitive skin types. Since face skin needs targeted care, use an overnight treatment skin serum that repairs and strengthens skin from the inside out. This concentrates on protecting skin from potential damage while repairing existing signs of aging, dehydration, and hyperpigmentation.

Weekly Exfoliation

As we age, cell regeneration gradually slows down, making it difficult for the body to shed skin cells naturally and produce new ones. Exfoliation is an important process that encourages healthy and glowing skin. However, proper exfoliation for dryer skin types needs to be gentle and occasional.

Instead of using a manual exfoliator once a week, choose a body mask that uses beet-sourced lactic acid to remove dead skin cells while also hydrating with moisture-concentrated ingredients. Follow with body oil or lotion to layer on moisture that encourages healthy cell regrowth. If you’re dealing with particularly stubborn dryness on your face, use a pore minimizer mask to exfoliate skin gently and potently hydrate at a deeper level.

Staying Committed to 72 Ounces a Day

While this tip might be more along the lines of obvious health advice, consuming enough water every day can transform your dry skin and hair during the summer. Rachel Nazarian, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist, explained here that without consistent and adequate water intake, “skin appears duller, and wrinkles and pores are more prominent.” Dehydrated skin can fast-track signs of aging and chronic dryness can’t always be solved with moisturizing lotions and hydrating serums.

Those who deal with acne-prone skin will know that sebum production during hot weather and humid summer months is at an all-time high. Even a small change like drinking enough water every day helps fend off breakouts and balance skin composition. Paired with a nourishing and organic skin care routine, hydrating skin at the source is one of the best ways to take care of dehydrated dry skin and hair.

Nightly Humidifier 

While you’re protecting your skin from dry elements outdoors and harmful UV rays, indoor environments can be equally as dangerous for skin prone to summer dryness. Air conditioning is a key component of chronically dry skin. Designed to extract humidity and moisture in the air to cool warm spaces, offices and homes become war zones for dehydrated and acne-prone skin.To combat this, use a humidifier at night to help your skin retain moisture while you sleep. Hydration comes from external and internal sources, and additional moisture during ultra-dry seasons soothes and strengthens skin.

Protect your skin and hair from dehydration with an intentional skincare routine packed with healthy, moisturizing ingredients that nourish you from head to toe.

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