Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

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A few months after your wedding, your photographer will deliver photos, and you and your spouse can enjoy these beautiful images from the happiest day of your lives. Displaying these around your house can feel daunting, especially if you and your new spouse are building and cultivating a new home together. While you don’t want to plaster these photos all over the walls, there are still ways that you can create meaningful reminders of this wonderful milestone in your relationship.

Before deciding how you want to decorate with your photos, pick a handful that are your absolute favorites. This makes it easier to know which ones you want to decorate with once you have a clear idea of which photos you like best.

Wall Collage

Create a wall collage with your wedding photos and home décor items. Choose wholesale home furnishings like plaques with meaningful text about family, wedding-themed frames, metal art, wood art, and other décor to create a cultivated wall collage themed aroundyour relationship.

If you and your spouse are bringing families together with children from previous relationships, a wall collage celebrating your new family can be a beautiful gesture to celebrate this milestone between your two families that are now one. If you want, include photos of your parents and in-laws, siblings, and other family members who have had an impact on your relationship.

Gift a Few to Your Parents

Give a framed photo from your wedding day to your parents and in-laws for the holidays this year. Whether it’s a photo of you and your new spouse or a family photo of everyone together, finding a gift that encapsulates your new family is a wonderful way to thank them for their love and support.

Fill a frame that has two photo openings with your favorite photos of your family from your wedding day. Frames with special messages inscribed on them related to love, marriage, and family are a lovely touch to any gift.


Create a timeline of your early relationship, engagement, and wedding day with photo frames of a similar style. Style it from left to right with earliest to present-day photos. Finish the timeline with a photo of your new home together with a rustic frame from a wholesale new home gifts shop, like DEMDACO. This beautiful symbol of your new family and your future together is a wonderful place to continue the timeline with life-changing trips, new family members, and milestones.

Photo Holder Wall Art

During your first year of marriage, use an Art Swap photo holder. Change out different prints of your favorite wedding photos, from the first look to the garter toss. This is a less permanent way to display your wedding photos for family and friends who visit your home.

Choose one that has a keyhole hanging feature or a magnetic backing to stick on a surface like your fridge. Place it in a larger frame if you want to draw more attention to it in your living room or entryway.


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