Why Should Condos and Apartments Install EV Charger Stations?

March 28, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Business

Electric cars might seem like pipedreams to some people, but they are becoming increasingly popular. And as they do, the demand for accessible EV charger stations will go up as well.

The Future of Electric Vehicles

Studies project that by 2020, there will be between 9-20 million electric vehicles (EVs) deployed worldwide. In June 2017, the International Energy Agency reported that a group of 30 American cities—including Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland, OR—plans to buy more than 110,000 EVs. When one considers that 160,000 EVs were purchased in the US the previous year, it becomes clear that people will begin seeing more and more EVs on the road very soon.

One more study should indicate how popular electric vehicles are becoming. A 2016 report by the Bloomberg New Energy Finance research firm states that EVs will account for 25 percent of global automobile sales by 2040.

By installing condo and apartment EV charging stations, property owners and management companies can stay ahead of the curve. Having an EV charger or Tesla charger station always there for them should prove immensely appealing to EV owners. In this way, adding charging stations can enhance the desirability and the value of properties.

Finding an Apartment or Condo EV Charging Station Provider

Of course, some apartment and condo owners might balk at the potential cost of installing EV chargers in their parking garages. Happily, industry-leading companies are making it easier and more cost-effective to get an EV charging apartment.

Property owners and management companies can save a considerable amount of time, money and effort by partnering with a top-notch EV charger company. An expert EV charging solutions provider can offer clients such services as:

. Thorough onsite evaluations from knowledgeable, trustworthy electricians

. Hands-on assistance with gaining building and HOA approval for installing charger stations

. Installation of EV charger stations by certified electricians

. Prompt, 24/7, onsite service and support for EV and Tesla charging station

EverCharge is a leading provider of EV charging solutions for fleets and multi-tenant buildings. Through a combination of unbeatable expertise and advanced technology, the company can install ten times as many EVSEs (electric vehicle supply equipment) at any location. EverCharge has helped properties save thousands of dollars on implementing and maintaining EV chargers.

About EverCharge

EverCharge provides superior EV charging solutions to apartments, condominiums and fleets. The company brings together extensive industry experience and innovative technology to help clients install and maintain apartment EV charging stations.

For additional information, visit Evercharge.net

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