Cleaning and Repairing Your Willow Tree Figurines

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Willow Tree figurines are owned and adored by people spanning the globe. Their unique look and delicate expression of everyday love make them lasting keepsakes. The ability to mix and match figurines to create your own family can be used to tell the story of your life. From weddings and births to deaths and animal adoption, Willow Tree sculptures are a way to view your lasting memories in real-time. Keep them safe with these tips:

What materials are used to craft Willow Tree Figurative Sculptures?

Willow Tree figurines are cast in cured resin and hand-painted according to artist Susan Lordi’s technique and instructions. Resin is a lightweight material that allows for an exact replica of Susan’s art to be created; this means that every knife stroke and minute detail is displayed. Resin is long lasting to offer long-term enjoyment, it will not rust, oxidize, or decompose and is unaffected by water and normal temperatures.

Tips on Cleaning

Willow Tree figures and figurine ornaments are painted using multiple paint colors applied in thin layers. The pain is rubbed off and then repainted to achieve the classic Willow Tree look and feel. Water-based paint optimally creates the worn, layered look that is loved around the world. Due to the lovingly way they are crafted, water and moisture-less cleaning are a must for all Willow Tree figures.

To dust your sculptures, it’s best to utilize a dry, soft brush or a gentle, soft cloth. Cotton or microfiber cleaning cloths are always a safe choice for cleaning delicate items.


  • Use paper towels to clean your figures as they are too rough.
  • Use cloths that have previously been used to clean with solvents or other cleaning materials as harmful residue can remain, this could lead to damaged paint and degraded surfaces.

Tips on Repairing a broken Willow Tree Figure

While resin is durable and made to last, it can break when dropped. For repairs, a two-part epoxy is your best option. Two-component epoxy adhesives consist of resin and a hardener that work together to create a strong, lasting bond. Begin by applying a thin, minimal layer of Epoxy along the site where the break occurred. Two-part epoxy takes some time to set, giving you the chance to maneuver pieces to fit back together seamlessly before it sets.

About Willow Tree

Willow Tree is the storefront carrying artist Susan Lordi’s powerful, hand-carved figurines. These sculptures are unique works of art which beautifully convey a spectrum of emotions when words are inadequate. Perfect gifts, Willow Tree figurines can capture the love and beauty of your family for everyday viewing. Featuring their signature collection, angels, cake toppers, ornaments, tree toppers and a gorgeous nativity set, their site has something for everyone on your gift lists.

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