Celebrate the Special People and Things in Life with Figurines

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Carved figures, figurines and figurative sculptures may seem unremarkable. However, what matters is not so much these gifts in themselves as what they represent to the people who have them.

There is a passage in Marcel Proust’s great novel In Search of Lost Time in which the narrator dips a small, soft biscuit known as a madeleine into tea and bites into it. As soon as he does, he feels a wave of emotions and memories wash over him.

It is a truly wonderful bit of writing—indeed, it is one of the most famous passages in all of world literature. It is all the more extraordinary when one considers that it hinges on such a tiny thing.

“For some who have tasted a madeleine,” writes Fine Dining Lovers contributor James Brennan, “it may come as a surprise that something so simple – and, admittedly, so plain – could trigger such a gushing deluge of memories that would fill seven long and ponderous volumes.”

Figurines and figurative sculpture scan do something similar. They can serve as perfect little mementos, reminding people of the love they have for:

Their Spouses

Few moments in a person’s life are as precious as their wedding day. When a husband and wife think back to that time, they will want to remember as much as they can—how handsome he looked or how beautiful she looked, the sight of all their friends and family gathered in one place. A simple figurine can make these memories come flooding back. For example, a couple could hold onto the cake topper that sat atop their wedding cake. Such a keepsake could become as treasured as a wedding dress or a photo album.

Their Children

Raising kids can be a bittersweet experience (among many other things). On the one hand, it is a delight to see children grow up and become their own people. On the other hand, thinking back to the little babies that mom and dad cradled in their arms can bring a tear to the eye. A figurine of a parent and a child can embody this special bond.

Willow Tree offers a wide assortment of charming, elegant figurines that celebrate the bonds between families, friends and lovers. The company takes great pleasure in helping people preserve their special memories and honor the ties that bind.

About Willow Tree

Willow Tree provides customers with cake toppers and other figurines based on hand-carved figures by acclaimed artist Susan Lordi. These simple, unique works of art help people celebrate the special moments and people in their lives.

For additional information, visit Willowtree.com

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