Bottled Water: Types and Benefits

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Walking around in the market, suddenly feeling the thirst, what do you do? Buy bottled water and quench your thirst. Bottled water might just be the best thing in a bottle not only to satisfy your thirst but also to keep your body hydrated. Soda drinks have water content but also have calories and caffeine. These aerated drinks have sugar too which soar the sugar levels in our body.

bottled water delivery is available in the markets in a variety of brands. These brands make different types of bottles from pet bottles to glass bottles and recyclable plastic water bottles. These water bottles are easy to carry and available in different sizes. Since these bottles are handy, they can easily fit in bags and can be carried around. The other plus point of these bottles is that they are reusable. These bottles can be filled again with water or other liquids and fit in refrigerators and chillers easily.

Different companies in the market provide different types of water. These may be:

• Flavored Water,

• Spring Water,

• Mineral Water, and

• Carbonated Water

Flavored water may contain fruity or tropical flavors to enhance the taste of water. Spring water is sourced from natural springs or aquifers in the environment. Mineral water has added minerals in it. This water may be sourced from public tap water resources or deep well resources. The only difference being the added mineral to the water. Carbonated water has Carbon-Dioxide infused in it. It’s also known as soda water, sparkling water or club soda. This water is used to make aerated cold drinks and other such bottled beverage.

Some people do not like the taste of tap water and thus resort to bottled water. While tap water is also safe for consumption and is more often than not tested by government authorities for its purity, bottled water provides a more reliable source of purified water which can easily be carried and safe for consumption to along with its added nutrient content depending upon its content and maker.

Waiakea Springs is one such bottled water delivery company providing minerals rich bottled spring water.

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