Bots make up a majority of those gamers

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Bots make up a majority of those gamers. This is OSRS gold observed from the last bot nuke that wiped out 98 percent of those bots, which makes Runescape look completely empty. Runescape appears full now since botters have discovered a different solution to exist, and they aren’t going to purchase a membership with cash, they’re going to buy bonds together with the gold that they farmed. To say bots do not make Jagex money is idiotic. To mention that bonds themselves have nothing to do with irl money is also absurd, the bond wouldn’t exist as a thing in Runescape unless someone bought one, and bonds wouldn’t be sold at the community unless someone has gone out of their way to make the purchase and purchase it.

Most of the”bots” people claim to see ingame such as these master farmer bots, pyramid plunder bots are actually all Venezuelans. Jagex is not slipping, they ban bots quite often, rarely do many bots make to to 99 like the ones you’ve shown. Everyone calls these accounts”bots” however they are actually Venezuelans hand gold farming. They ruin Runescape likely 5x worse than bots. Want any proof? The weeks they get power outages, the whole runescape market goes up by up to 30%.

Very true. I honestly forgot about that part for a moment. They asked the US to destabilize their country with coups and regime changes. The financial sanctions crippling their market and killing their citizens are not helping either. When farming gold makes you than your own country’s minimum wage, you will do what you have to do to survive. I am not gonna blame a guy for breaking some online game principles since he does not wish to starve to death.

Friendly reminder? Runescape has been dying old grind genre for years, and nobody wants to grind for hours just to get to a point where they can actually play Runescape.sorry but they should instead force an effort to fix their shit country? If sufficient are suffering they’re able to earn a stand whatever the opposition. What’s a leader or dictator gonna do? Kill every single 1 of the citizens? Can not imagine playing OSRS on 20 accounts at the exact same time being healthy for mind or body. (of course they’re thin because of the lack of quality meals )

Additionally you need to see it through our eyes, we all play a sport for fun, they ruin Runescape. They’re breaking the rules irrespective of their situation, therefore something needs to be done about them and everybody should not white knight Venes. If you guys wanna white knight Venes so poorly, you should all donate to some charity for them.They are breaking the rules regardless of their situation, therefore something should be done on them and everyone should not white knight Venes. Should you guys wanna white knight Venes so poorly, you should all donate to some charity for them.

I do see it from your eyes. I play Runescape too and I farm my RuneScape Mobile gold very own gold. But I am not gont sit around crying over a match when people are hungry. People’s lives mean more to me than a damn game. I am sorry you don’t feel exactly the same. And of course that I make gold just nice in Runescape, without the Venezuelans. Btw I do plenty for my fellow man. I make certain seniors and the disabled in my county don’t starve to death. When I could do the exact same for the Venezuelans and the 70 odd million malnourished orphans across the world. Then I would.

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