Bone Broth: Secret Powerhouse of the Ketogenic Diet

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The secret nutritional superhero of the ketogenic diet, bone broth is packed with healthy protein and powerful collagen without unwanted sugar and carbs. In a keto diet, which focuses on high quantities of healthy fats and few carbohydrates, bone broth is the best of both worlds – healthy and delicious. Despite it’s simple appearance, it packs a punch against keto flu and helps support overall bone, muscle, and skin health.

What’s in Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a staple of keto diet transitioning for many reasons. It is full of non-inflammatory amino acids which are necessary for energy and good gut digestion. It also provides healthy and necessary proteins for strong nails, hair, bones, and tendons. Your transition into ketosis can result in keto flu. While it is a normal occurrence during the transition into ketosis, symptoms often include low energy, nausea, irritable moods, and an upset stomach.

Keto flu is not fun for anyone, especially when you are also cutting out carbohydrates from your diet. Bone broth provides the nutrients and protein power to ease keto flu symptoms and stabilize the ketosis transition. It is not hard to implement in a daily diet, often considered as energizing as keto protein shake.

Packed with Collagen

Often unmentioned in even traditional nutritional education, collagen is an important protein for any diet. It is the foundation for strong hair and nails, healthy skin, and muscle, bone, and tendon cell growth. With age, natural collagen production slows, making the extra collagen boost from bone broth a helpful and healthy supplement for your diet. Other digestive issues like leaky gut, IBS, or dairy intolerance benefit from bone broth protein because of its powerful minerals and nutrients without trans-fats or dairy.

How Does It Fit into My Daily Diet?

Making bone broth at home is easy, but can be time-consuming. Most recipes require an hours-long process which is awfully inconvenient for those with busy and hectic schedules. Use a keto powder bone broth instead, and utilize bone broth in protein shakes, breakfast recipes, or soups. Mix with healthy fats like olive or coconut oil for the ultimate keto-happy ghee. Because it is packed with energy-sustaining protein without caffeine, many keto dieters even replace morning coffee with a cup of bone broth!

Bone broth packs a punch in a ketogenic diet without sacrificing delicious taste or versatility. Your transition into a keto diet can be tough, so make it easier with healthy proteins and amino acids. Ideal if you need a collagen diet boost, keto diet staple, or dairy-alternative protein, bone broth is the powerful essential for total wellness.

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