Why Should Boise, Meridian and Twin Falls Use Solar Power?

April 19, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Business

Twin Falls solar power—is it really worth it? Recently, a lot of people have put in their two cents about using more solar energy in Idaho. Here are some reasons why someone might add solar power to their home or business if they live in Boise, Meridian or Twin Falls.

1. More Stable Energy Costs

Solar energy users can keep their energy expenses consistently low over the long haul. After the initial installation expenses, the costs for solar power stay the same. Conversely, regular utility costs are expected to increase annually by approximately 4%.

The upfront costs to set up PV solar panels were considerable in the past. However, they have gone down significantly in recent years. A recent study conducted by the Solar Energy Industries Association found that average costs for installing solar energy systems had decreased by over 70% between 2010 and 2017.

Also, first-rate solar solution providers can help people transition to solar power without straining their finances. Solar Twin Falls clients can take advantage of financing options to make the upfront costs easier to manage.

2. Solar Energy Creates Employment Opportunities

In December 2017, Territory published a feature on solar power in Idaho. The article noted that there are currently about 800 solar jobs and almost 1,300 solar customers in the Gem State. By 2022, there should be over 6,800 customers for solar power. That is an increase of more than 500% in just five years!

With such a dramatic increase in the demand for solar energy solutions, the number of solar jobs can only go up too.

3. Greater Energy Freedom

By delivering outstanding energy management Boise, Meridian, Twin Falls and elsewhere, solar power can allow Idaho residents to lead more independent lives. They can trust that they will have easier and more reliable access to electricity.

Recent studies indicate that solar energy has a bright future. For example, the US Department of Energy funded a study in 2012 called RE Futures. It concluded that renewable energy sources and “a more flexible electric system” could meet 80% or more of electricity that the US will need in 2050. In addition to this, solar and other renewable energy solutions could meet the demand for electricity at every hour anywhere in the country.

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