Benefits of Transitioning to Solar Energy

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A public discussion regarding the viability of solar energy has been taking place since 1860, when Auguste Mouchout, a French professor and inventor, converted solar radiation into mechanical power for the first time. Mouchout had grave concerns about France’s increasing dependence on coal, a common theme surrounding the debate over solar technology—a theme which is possibly more relevant today than ever in countries around the world. From Argentina to Alaska and India to Idaho solar energy holds incredible potential as a renewable and sustainable alternative to traditional sources, particularly fossil fuels.

Today, the most common solar-powered household products in the U.S. include rooftop panels, cookers, lights, water heaters, attic fans, inverters and more. Each of these is energy-efficient, durable, affordable and results in significant long-term cost savings.

Two of the innumerable advantages of transitioning to solar energy include:

  • Environmentally friendly

Solar energy is the greenest and cleanest source of energy. It is 100% sustainable, meaning using it today does not impact or compromise the ability of future generations to also use it to meet their needs. It is also 100% renewable since it is derived from the sun, an infinitely-available and naturally-replenished resource. Both of these characteristics make solar energy the polar opposite of fossil fuels, which are primary contributors to climate change.

  • Reduces electricity expenses

Sunlight is a free resource and available to anyone, regardless of geographic location. An initial cost is involved in the installation of equipment capable of capturing sunlight and converting it into electricity. However, much or all of this setup cost is often covered by utility company rebates, tax credits and other available incentives. After an installation is complete and a system is operational, electricity expenses are slashed.

EvenGreen Technology is one of the top suppliers of solar energy solutions in Idaho and eastern Oregon. Its dedicated team believes in the ability of solar energy to chip away at America’s dangerous dependence on foreign oil and slow the effects of climate change which, left alone, would be devastating to future generations. In addition to the environmental impact of EvenGreen Technology’s solar products, they create significant long-term financial savings opportunities for valued customers.

After deciding to transition from traditional energy sources to solar Boise residents know that partnering with EvenGreen Technology is the important next step. EvenGreen Technology’s commitment to customer service—and surpassing customers’ expectations—is second-to-none and sets it apart from competitors in the energy market.

About EvenGreen Technology:

EvenGreen Technology is an industry-leading company offering customers in the Treasure Valley and Twin Falls solar energy products and services at competitive prices.

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