Benefits of Meal Planning for New Vegans

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Deciding to live a plant-based diet is a huge decision, and rarely taken lightly. When first going vegan, most try out a variety of plant-based meals and snacks to figure out what they think is delicious and fulfilling. Meeting recommended daily nutritional values and making meals often come later, once a style and taste are established. If replacing nutrients normally derived from an animal-based diet sounds intimidating, there are uncomplicated and simple ways to get those vital nutrients from a plant-based diet. The vegan food pyramid can help new vegans better understand a general eating guide and inspire ideas for meal planning.

Grains, vegetables, and legumes make up the base for most vegan meals. The best vegan protein derives from grains and legumes, such as cooked green peas and seitan. Fruits, nuts, and seeds are popular snacks amongst plant-based foodies, with many recipes and vegan products easily found at conscientious stores and online. Active and athletic plant-based eaters do not have to give up work-out protein shakes, with organic vegan protein powder easily available through companies like 22 Days Nutrition. New vegans may be unsure of how they can confidently integrate a plant-based diet into a busy lifestyle. Meal planning and meal delivery can be a time saver and delicious alternative to difficult grocery shopping and hard-to-follow recipes. Vegan meal plans are tailored to the taste and palate of the eater, instead of having to eat foods solely for nutritional reasons.

Foods that are recommended to emphasize are calcium-fortified soy products, dark leafy greens, cruciferous veggies, berries, and omega-3 rich foods like flax, chia seeds, and other nuts. While the mistaken belief that vegans do not consume carbohydrates or enough calories is still popular, plant-based diet followers certainly get the recommended amount of daily nutrients through healthy rich foods like grains, greens, and nuts. Salads, berries, and fruits are nutritionally dense but do not provide enough calories or carbs for energy throughout the day. By using plant based protein powder, vegans can confidently reach daily recommended amounts of protein and other nutrients without sacrificing sustainability or clean eating.

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