Beautiful Roses: The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

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Whether to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, new home or for any other special occasion, beautiful roses are always a perfect gift and it has never been easier to send them. As use of the internet began to explode, websites sprouted up and flowers could suddenly be sent from anywhere in the world and to anywhere in the world with the use of a computer. Today, more Americans visit websites from smartphones and tablets than desktop continues and the ordering process continues to get faster and more convenient for more informed senders.

According to historical research, the earliest known cultivation of roses was around 500 BC in China, Persia and select Mediterranean regions. Roses have long been one of the most popular flowers in the world, known for their gentle beauty, extraordinary fragrance and unique ability to lift spirits and make anyone smile. Roses symbolize many distinct emotions and are equally ideal for sending to family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and others.

Different colors of roses signify different emotions and gestures. For example:

Red Roses – Red roses are vibrant and powerful blooms. They have been a universal symbol of romance and true love for generations and, as such, are perfect for the object of one’s affection—whether for a few days or 50 years. Red roses are reminders that true beauty is timeless, never going out of style.
Yellow and Gold Roses – Yellow and gold roses convey friendship, warmth, joy and affection. They often represent a safer, non-romantic choice sent to co-workers, neighbors or family members without the possibility of mixed or potentially inappropriate signals.
Pink Roses – Pink roses have historically symbolized femininity and elegance but are increasingly becoming as popular a flower for males as females. Among pink roses, deep pink shows appreciation whereas a paler shade is used to express admiration.
White Roses – In the past, white roses have primarily been seen in a bride’s bouquet as she walks down the aisle. Today, however, they seem to be everywhere. White roses convey many emotions including innocence, truth, reverence, trust, respectfulness and humility.

Senders should carefully select the color of flowers in an arrangement—and the message it will send to its recipient—before confirming an order. To ensure delivery of the most extraordinary roses available—sourced from eco-friendly farms in South America and Europe—only Ode à la Rose can be trusted for a perfect experience. Each stem is hand-selected then hand-tied by passionate and trained professionals to produce breathtaking bouquets which are sure to impress and bring an immediate and lasting smile to the recipient’s face.

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