Advantages of Installing EV Charging Stations at Apartments and Condos

December 30, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Business

Owning and using an electric vehicle (EV) is difficult—if not impossible—without reliable access to an EV charger. They have started showing up more at various public facilities and commercial spaces, but EV owners still have a tough time keeping their cars charged. After all, it can be a pain in the neck to go somewhere just to charge your car.

Most EV owners prefer the convenience of living in an EV charging apartment—that is, an apartment complex equipped with an in-house charging station. Charging-friendly apartments help make EVs more popular too—frequently, people do not buy electric cars simply because it is too difficult to find a convenient charging station. EV charging apartments ensure that people have at least one place to power their vehicle.

EV ownership has several benefits. The vehicles are extremely eco-friendly, don’t require much maintenance and cost far less than those gas-guzzling behemoths which clog our streets. As concerns over the availability of fossil fuels increase, EVs should only become more attractive.

For the moment, the biggest roadblock which EVs face is the lack of charging facilities. When people can’t power their cars easily, they could end up stranded on the freeway or who knows where else. Having EV charging stations in apartment complexes helps address this problem.

The Housing Industry and EVs: A Winning Combination

Companies in the multifamily housing and EV industries can gain a lot by working together. Indeed, some condominiums and apartment building have already begun installing EV charging facilities in their parking areas.

Because the housing industry is so competitive, companies must adapt quickly to consumer demands. As more residents bought electric cars, savvy businesses saw the logic in giving them convenient access to charging stations. With global EV sales expected to reach 3 million by the end of 2020, more charging facilities should start popping up at apartment complexes all over the world.

By installing condo EV charging stations, real estate and property management companies can attract eco-conscious tenants. In short, installing EV charging stations is a win-win-win situation: It’s good for residents, landlords and electric car manufacturers.

EverCharge knows the ins and outs of installing EV charging stations at apartments and condominiums. The company offers the most advanced EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) solution available today. Its exclusive Smart Power technology gives EV owners their own charging station. No waiting, no lines, no sharing.

EverCharge’s team of experts pride themselves on their ability to understand and meet the unique needs of their clients. From design and placement to installation and ongoing maintenance, they can do it all.

About EverCharge:

EverCharge offers industry-leading EVSE solutions to apartments, condominiums and fleets. It combines experience, dedication and the latest technology to bring an in-house Tesla charging station to the masses.

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