Advantages to Choosing Solar Energy for Small Businesses

July 17, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Business, Business & Career

What is solar energy?

Solar energy often makes people think of massive black reflective panels, spotty power, and expensive installation. However, the solar energy of today is much less touchy than the previous technology of the past few decades.

Fueled by the sun’s radiation, solar energy harnesses the natural (and free) power of sunlight on a daily basis. Due to high demand in a decade dedicated to renewable resources, the technology surrounding solar energy solutions has improved considerably in the last decade, with less expensive and more reliable options. Local companies have established themselves throughout the United States for providing clean and holistic technology to communities, from solar Boise small business clients to Northwest consumers. 

Pros to Installing Solar Energy Systems:

  • Reduce Electricity Bills

The electricity bills for business offices, warehouses, and other large spaces can be expensive month-over-month. Solar energy can drastically reduce energy bills to your utility company, depending on the size and quality of your system. In hotter areas that receive more sunlight during the year, this can be a great option for spaces that require consistent air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. 

As an added bonus, any energy that you generate as surplus goes back into the traditional power grid and builds up credits with your local utility company. Who doesn’t want more free energy when you need it the most? Local energy management Boise companies, like EvenGreen Technology, ensure that you maximize your building’s resources to capitalize on solar power. Another advantage is their ability to verify and monetize all forms of carbon credits

  • Low Maintenance Costs

With the increased development of better solar technology, maintenance costs have been drastically reduced thanks to the increase of high-quality engineering and manufacturing. Today, most solar energy companies offer warranties upwards of 20-25 years. 

Local companies often provide long-term annual maintenance for customers to check systems for necessary replacements or other needs, but this often is more of a safeguard than anything else. Since there are not any moving parts, there isn’t any wear and tear, making it one of the better investments you can make. 

  • Sustainability

On the subject of branding, going solar is a positive environmental decision that can be useful for your business. Consumers and employees alike view active sustainability as a positive move for businesses and companies. Showing that you care about the environment, on a local and global scale, amplifies your priorities to the community. And, it’s generally a progressive movement towards better technology. 

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EvenGreen Technology offers advanced, competitively priced solutions to Twin Falls solar clients and other Northwest residents.

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