Advantages of Buying Used Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

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Running an airport operation can be overwhelming with scheduling, maintenance, cargo, passengers, and everything else that goes into air transportation. Having ground support equipment (GSE) on hand that supports a busy operation is essential to keep everything running smoothly. When deciding to replace a piece of equipment or increase your GSE fleet, buying used could be the best option. Professional operations need high-performance equipment. Used GSE is an available option that should be considered seriously before purchasing a brand-new aircraft tug or tractor.

Choosing to purchase from a well-reviewed and leading GSE provider should be where you start. Trustworthy used GSE providers ensure that the equipment you purchase is relevant, durable, and reliable. Contact their customer service to find out if the GSE you’re interested in can handle the aircraft you deal with on a regular basis. They should know the product, understand its mechanics, and its functionality.

One of the perks of choosing used equipment is the savings. Many used GSE options are barely used and include innovative designs. Factory reconditioned equipment is a great option if you own a piece of GSE that needs an upgrade to current standards. Reconstructed equipment is basically new with warranty at a price point lower than new. These machines often had a single broken part or problem that needed fixing that only the manufacturer could handle.

If you aren’t comfortable with purchasing a piece of equipment, leasing GSE is also a great option for smaller airport operations. Whether you need an extra aircraft ground power unit or an updated aircraft tug, leasing GSE means you have the newest equipment without the investment of new.

Used GSE equipment is fantastic for getting high-performance equipment without the price tag. Do your research and choose a GSE that is multi-functional, serving all of your needs without pushing the limits. AERO Specialties is a world-renowned provider of new, used, and leased GSE. Discover the right piece of GSE for your airport operation to increase your volume capacity, safety, and productivity.

About AERO Specialties

Dedicated to quality and customer service, all AERO Specialties sales and support staff possess extensive knowledge of aircraft handling and maintenance. Not only providers of high-quality aircraft tugs and tow tractors, AERO Specialties also specializes in aircraft solutions in Baggage and Cargo Handling, Intercom Systems, Hydraulic Fluid services, and Aircraft Lighting. They offer such parts as Towbar and Towbar Head Ball Lock Pins, Shear Pins, Oxygen Charge Adapters, Nitrogen Service Adapters, Ground Power Unit Cables, and many more parts to support your equipment fleet.

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