Advances in Public and Apartment EV Charging

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As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to increase, so will the demand for convenient charging solutions. An EV charging apartment can benefit both an EV owner and a building owner. While the former will get a dedicated charging station for their vehicle, the latter will enhance the value of their property.

Common Problems for EV-Owning Apartment Dwellers

As it stands now, the biggest hindrance to more people using EVs is their inability to charge the vehicles conveniently. For homeowners, installing a charging station involves getting permits from the city and hiring a knowledgeable electrician.

By contrast, apartment and condo residents often cannot do anything without the approval of their landlord or Home Owners Association. Many times, they will not agree to installing apartment EV charging stations simply because they do not understand all of the details.

For example, landlords and HOAs may wonder how they can bill residents correctly for the electricity used to charge EVs. They might also be put off by the complexities of installing apartment EV charging stations in parking areas that were not built with easy access to electricity in mind.

Maven and Austin City Government

Still, forward-thinking agencies and companies have recognized the immense potential for and importance of EVs and charging stations.In March 2018, the mobility service Maven announced a collaboration with the city of Austin to offer a fleet of 20 Chevrolet Bolt EVs to freelance drivers in the area. The vehicles will get access to the city’s Plug-in EVerywhere™ network of chargers and help drivers set their own schedules and earn money.

Nissan and GM

Car manufacturers are foreseeing a bright future for EVs and condo EV charging stations too. Nissan created a PDF for owners of the company’s LEAF® EV titled “Getting a Charger Installed in Your Apartment or Condo.” It includes some tips for persuading HOAs and building owners to install EV charging stations at their locations. The PDF mentions such benefits to building owners as:

  • Improved relations with tenants who own EVs
  • The ability to position a multi-tenant building as modern and eco-conscious
  • The chance to attract more conscientious, EV-owning tenants

Also, GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra announced at the 2018 CERAWeek energy conference that the company would increase production of the Bolt EV. Her prepared remarks include a note on the need for the energy industry and others to improve and expand the charging infrastructure for EVs.

EverCharge is proud to do its part to make EV charging more widespread and convenient. The company enables fleets and multi-tenant buildings to install, maintain and monitor EV charger stations easily.

About EverCharge

EverCharge provides superior EV charging solutions to apartments, condominiums and fleets. The company brings together extensive industry experience and innovative technology to help clients install and maintain apartment EV charging stations.

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